Does the honeymoon have to end?

Does the honeymoon have to end
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Does the honeymoon have to end?

Nothing brings us as much pain or joy as our lovers. Falling in love is not as simple as boy meets girl. There are certain brain chemicals in those we are attracted to that makes us fall in love which scientists call as “Chemistry” and we call love potions.

Love potion #2 “Oxytocin” is the most powerful of these brain chemicals.

Oxytocin is produced by skin on skin contact however, nothing produces as high levels of oxytocin as orgasm and childbirth.

Oxytocin is so powerful Dr. Helen Fisher does not suggest to have sex unless you are sure she or he is the one because you do not understand the power you are messing with.

See video from Dr. Carter of the Kessia Institute on the topic of oxytocin

Michele Weiner-Davis came from an incredible family as she describes it. 2 loving parents who never fought, 2 brothers, a large extended family in which they spent every weekend together.

When Michele was 16 her mother’s therapist convinced her mother she was unhappy and after 25 years of marriage, her mother announced to the family she was going to divorce her father.

They did not have a bad marriage because again they never fought however, it was just not the fairytale marriage that so many little girls dream about and when the ferrytale does not come true they leave the marriage because of this as an adult Michele wanted to learn as much as she could so she did not have to experience the same kind of pain with her husband and help as many couples as she could.

Without sex, there is no love because nothing produces as much oxytocin which is the love hormone as orgasim and without sex there is no holding hands, without holding hands there is no talking, without talking there is no love which opens you up for divorce.

Do you remember what it was like when you first got married? You couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. The first 1 – 5 years is called the honeymoon stage of your relationship, however, most people believe that love and attraction will fade over time but it does not have to be that way.

There was an article in the Huffington post about a married couple when in their 90’s the wife would say to everyone how handsome her husband was.

They loved each other so much that they could not be apart of each other so when the husband died the wife was so hearted sick she died the very next day.

See video of a couple, he was 92, she was 89, and after 50 years of marriage

Because we live in a sex-obsessed world many individuals feel shamed by sex. They many try to downplay their sex drive because they may feel they are perverts, however, without sex you cannot have love because nothing releases as much oxytocin as an orgasm.

But eating empty calories, inactivity, stress, money problem, etc…hampering your bodies ability to produce oxytocin thus killing your sex drive. Living in a sexless, loveless marriage.

Oxytocin is produced by skin-to-skin contact, eye contact, affectionate touch, nurturing, etc… releases oxytocin in a part of the brain known as the amygdala and relax it. Without this neurochemically induced ease, we don’t bond. We remain on guard.

So if too much stress consistently overpowers the effects of oxytocin in the amygdala, bonds fray. This is because the amygdala’s job is to keep our defenses up unless we feel safe(i.e., relaxed). Obviously, the more precarious our childhood bonds, the more soothing we need before we truly feel safe, and the more readily we (over)react to current relationship stress.

“A study published Tuesday in the Journal of Neuroscience has uncovered a surprising new property of oxytocin, finding that oxytocin causes men to be more loyal to their wife with porn being such a problem in the marriage oxytocin kills any desire men have to look at other women, porn, etc…

I want to bribe you into getting started with what we call as the endless honeymoon which comes with the best price guarantee or we’ll send you on another vacation for free because According to USA Travel Association who says: 79% of couple agree their relationship improved after returning from vacation and 77% of couple who travel together agree they have a good sex life.
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World’s 25 worst diets and top 25 best diets


BBC Documentary Jimmy Doherty and Kate Quilton explore the dietary habits of people all over the world, ranking the world’s best and worst diets and asking what we should be eating (see video below)

Top 25 Worst Diets consist of meats, high sugar, high processed foods, etc…
50) Marshall Islands (Highest rate of death from diabetes in the world)
49) Russia (25% of Russian men die before age 55)
48) Kuwait
47) Saudi Arabia
46) UAE
45) Qatar
44) Mexico – Soda
43) USA
42) Venezuela
41) Argentina
40) Turkey
39) Hungary
38) Australia
37) British Isles
36) Northern Ireland
35) Walles
34) England
33) Ireland
31) Bolivia
30) Belarus
29) Poland
28) Latvia
27) Bulgaria
26) Cuba
25) Brazile

Top 25 Best Diets consist of fish and a plant-based diet including fruits and vegetables.
24) Ethiopia
23) Massai Tribe
22) Inuits
21) Peru
20) Morocco
19) The Isreali (Kosher Diet)
18) China
17) Indonesia
16) Malaysia
15) Thailand
14) Vietnam
13) South Korea
12) Sri Lanka
11) India
10) Netherlands
9) Spain
8) France
7) Kuna Indians
6) Nordic Countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
5) Japan
4) Seventh Day Adventist
3) Greece
2) Italy
1) Iceland

Learning to Live

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Your life might be in shambles! You might be overweight and struggled for years to get in shape and might look at someone like me and say I don’t understand what it’s like.

I may not have been proud of my body but I never let my body get out of control, however, there is something I could learn from you.

What area of your life are you the proudest of? Now matter what issues you are going through there is someone who has experienced what you have and found the solution to it.

Just as Will Smith said “There have been millions and gazillions of people who have lived before us and there is no new problem you can have that someone has not written the solution down in a book.

I may be facing a problem that you have already found the solution to.

Just because you are currently you are overweight, broke,in a loveless relationship etc…does not mean you can not change. The average person spends 6 hours watching TV, another 2 hours on their cell phone in nonproductive activity (watching cat video’s, playing video games, etc…)

Most people would rather complain about their problems than do anything about them.

My greatest teachers have passed on their wisdom for you and me to benefit from. my teachers
We have all heard history repeats itself so whatever problem you will ever face you can learn from those people wheather they are alive or dead.

Most people waste their time by escaping their problems rather than trying to find solutions to their problems.

Take for instance almost everyone complains about money, however, over a billion dollars of your tax dollars went into finding solutions to this problem in which they found that the average person buys less than 2 books a year.

Now, on the other hand, the average millionaire spends 60 min. each and every day educating themselves on business and financial material.

Warren Buffet reads 800-1000 pages a day. Bill Gates took reading vacations. Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars, the TV show spends 4 hours a day on this. My first mentor spent $90,000 in collage that got him a $30,000 a year job however, he spent $100,000 on business books, courses, and seminars to make a million dollars within 3 years.

So whatever situation you have in life instead of watching TV, playing video games trying to escape you should invest your time in trying to find a solution.

As you see in the graph below 20% of the population only decide to do something about their problems once they are in enough pain, as you see in the graph 60% of the population are what you call as status quo they are not happy with their life but it is not bad enough for them to do anything about it.

Then you have the top 20% that we call as high performers. You probably have a pretty good life, however, research shows the average person experiences a major tragedy every 18 months so instead of waiting for a problem to arise high performers decide to do something about it before hand.

You were not born knowing how to walk, talk, or even how to drive a car, were you? These are all skills you learned them when you needed them.

Making money, saving money, getting in shape, even your marriage and relationships are all skills you learned them when you needed them.

Shelia Weber of which operates in 20 countries says: marriage is a skill in school we learned the skills to get a job but we don’t learn how to speak to each other so the marriage mate will feel heard, that you have your needs being met, etc…

So no matter what issues you have in life you should spend 60 min each and every day educating yourself on the subject.

Most people leave their life in someone else’s hands. If you are sick you rely on your doctor however, according to the American Medical Association who says “DOCTORS” are the leading cause of DEATH.

We leave our health, our finances, etc…in someone else’s hands. We need to take control of our life by getting this part of your life handed.

Again, what normally happens is people focus on one or maybe two area of your life and the rest of your life ends up in shambles.

chris-lynda-01Now in order to live a truly happy and fulfilled life, you must live a balanced lifestyle and what you will not is once you get a couple areas of your life in balance all the other areas of your life tends to balance out as well.

I am obsessed with living a perfectly balanced life and I spend hours every day expanding my knowledge on all the different areas of my life and create a plan of action to develop these areas

Know we’ve all heard the term it’s not who you are but who you know but it is also what they know

My greatest teachers have passed on their wisdom for you and me to benefit from.
We have all heard history repeats itself so whatever problem you will ever face you can learn from those people wheater they art alive or dead.

I do not think anyone ever reaches their goal of continued self-improvement but I’d like to invite you to come with me on this journey as I try by subscribing to our Youtube channel or for an addition upgrade you get full access to our entire library with what we call as the Alpha Lifestyle Academy which includes a 7 day vacation to a 5 star resort at places like the Walt Disney World area, Las Vagas, or 10,000 other locations where we will share with you the secrets I have discovered and the countless hours of research trying to find solutions to my problems and the action steps I’m taking.

This way you can experience the same results for yourself.

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First, 7 things women notice about a guy! And it had nothing to do with looks…


First, 7 things women notice about a guy! And it had nothing to do with looks…

If you have ever visited us before you know that women are attracted to be based a number of factors and the more of these qualities you develop the higher quality women you will attract and the higher quality of woman your wife will become.

Men think that women look for the same things men look for. Now it is not that looks are not important to women however, women are less concerned with your natural born looks but rather…they want a man to take care of what you got.

Let’s look at what the women surveyed said is the first 7 things they look for in a man.

female-fitness-guru-alphalifestyleacademy-dot-com1) Posture – Having good posture is attractive to women. For one reason, good posture boosts Testosterone levels.

2) Smile, Laugh – Many women find men with a stern look as more attractive, however, women like a man who can make them laugh.

3) Shoes – Many women when they were young girls were taught that if a man takes care of his shoes he will take care of you.

So make sure you take care of your shoes. It tells a woman what kind of man you are because for women your shoes are not to get to one place to another but rather is a reflection of your personality.

3) Manors – Women expect men to open doors for them, pull out the chair for them when eating out, etc…

4) Hair –  Women like men who take care of themselves like their hair.

5) Style – We’ve all hear the ZZ Top song “every woman Loves a shape dressed man”. AlphaM on Youtube is a men’s style expert.

Until men know better they dress for themselves, dress comfortably, such as T-shirt’s and jeans, however, women dress for those around them because them women the way you dress is how you show respect for those around you.

6) Friends – In the bible at Proverbs 13: 20 it says: “The one walking with wise will become wise, But the one who has dealings with stupid will fare badly.”

Your friends are a reflection you hang around.

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Anatomy of a $10million dollar a year fitness business


Kinobody was built to empower you to conquer your fitness goals in a unique and enjoyable way. But it’s not all about having an amazing body. It’s about having the fulfilling life to go along with it!

In this post, I wanted to share some of my key strategies that led to the success of Kinobody so you can apply them, take action, and build the life of your dreams.

Lets begin!

How I Set Out To Create Kinobody

You want to bring something unique to the world. I didn’t want Kinobody to be just another spin off of another fitness brand. In fact, I didn’t like the majority of fitness sites in the world, so I knew I had to create something that truly resonated with me.

So begin by asking yourself:

How can you make something unique?

What do I want to see that’s not already out there?

I was tired of all the bodybuilder nonsense of trying to get huge, bulking diets that just led to inevitable fat gain, living in the gym, and struggling to get lean.

My goal was to create a physique that was awe inspiring. One that’s strong, powerful, and fully capable. A physique that resembles the lean and chiseled Hollywood actor look, but is still very strong and athletic. 

And most importantly, I wanted to craft a strategy to achieve my goals while also fully being able to enjoy the process and live an awesome life. I wanted to be able to eat great meals, enjoy a few drinks on the weekends, not live in the gym, and just simply enjoy my life.

You Need To Offer Value

Kinobody evolved from creating very high-quality content.

It’s not about putting out tons of garbage content just to try and get visitors to your site.

Express your passion and truly create the quality of content that makes people want to stick around and stay for more. I actually didn’t run any advertising to Kinobody for 5 years! It was built strictly off the hustle and providing tons of value…

Kinobody was built with integrity!

It’s not about the money either. I’d turn away more money in a heartbeat to have integrity and to feel good about what I’m doing. In fact, I’ve turned tons of money away by not doing affiliate marketing and by not promoting supplements.

What really matters to me is for those who go through my programs (such as Superhero Bulking, or Aggressive Fat Loss which are pictured below), get more value than what they paid for.

n other words, “Teaching you how to fish” and providing you with all the tools needed to be successful, such as awesome support with private Facebook groups, forums, and exclusive program material.

The Most Important Thing That Helped Build My Life

Now lets not forget for a second, building the confidence to pursue the life of my dreams all started with conquering my fitness goals. This is what really helped me to step out of my comfort zone and go after the life of my dreams.

Building my body taught me that if I have a goal, and I’m willing to work for it, I can have it. This develops unshakable self belief that will be your greatest asset to staying motivated and going after what you want in life, with absolute conviction.

Again, whatever you truly want out of life, always remember you can go after it!

Take these tips and apply them to what you’re most passionate about. Absorb all the information, learn, and most importantly, don’t forget to invest in yourself.

28 year old built $3 million nutrition company in just 10 month

shredz-ceoAt the start of 2012, 27-year-old Arvin Lal was pumping iron with his friend, Michael Dimarco, a chiropractor who mixed his own herbal supplements. The friend gave him a weight loss remedy.

“I tried it and I lost 8 pounds in two weeks. I asked him is this legal? If so let’s mass produce it,” Lal told Business Insider.

Lal had a credit card with a $5,000 limit, and Dimarco had a credit card, too, and off they went to bottle the supplement now named Shredz.

By the start of 2013, he was ready to sell it but needed to find buyers.

The plan was typical for the weight loss industry: hire fitness personalities to endorse the supplement. Lal opted for folks with local and regional followings like Jonathan Coyle, a 31-year-old CrossFit trainer in Orange, Calif.

He wanted athletes to write articles about motivation, fitness, training and weight loss and reach young people through social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

“We want to get people to change their lives, not just lose weight,” he says.

Shredz articles did well on Facebook and Twitter, but things really took off when they started using Instagram, Lal told us. Turns out, pictures of beautiful, fit male and female trainers tend to be popular on Instagram.

But Lal’s athletes were not big national stars with huge followings. He needed to help them grow and because his company, Beyond Genetics Supplements, was entirely bootstrapped, he couldn’t spend a lot on social media management technology.


So he found three free apps to help: an analytics site called Statigram, which lets you manage and monitor your Instagram; an iPhone Instagram app, Kik, for chatting with Instagram users and sending private messages; and Instolver, for uploading hundreds of pics to Instagram at a time.

By using these tools (and a few others Lal wouldn’t reveal), Lal taught trainers exactly what, when, where, and how to post to grab followers.

Ten months later and the company itself has 2.7 million social media followers. Plus its trainers reach another 3.16 million people on Instagram alone, according to records shown to Business Insider.

And that’s led to growth. The company now has a whole line of supplements, employs about 50 people (between staffers and contract trainers) and generates $3.1 million in sales, Lal says.

Thanks, in large part, to Instagram.

Stage #7 Detox

At this point, you are giving your body what it needs with Shakeology which will make making healthier choices NOT BY DIETING but rather giving your body what it needs so you will kill your junk food cravings.

The problem with so many so-called health foods is they turn junk food into health which is why so many of the diets you may have tried in the past because these so-called diet foods did not give your body what it needs. You could not keep it up and slipped into your same ole bad habits.

Again, I have never been obese however, I have had skinny fat. In other words, I looked skinny until I took my shirt off.

dietcoke-cokeopenfattinessSo I ate many of the diet foods many of you have tried, however, again so-many of these so-called diets foods are really junk food disguised as diet food.

For generations we have been sold the idea we need meat and dairy for protein, however, as you see in the research below that broccoli has more protein than meat and dairy, animal protein contains IGF-1 which increases your chance of cancer by 400% and if you are above the age of 55-to-65 meat increases your odds of cancer by 600%.

Just like what cigaret companies did in the past. Food companies have spent billion trying to make their food more addictive by releasing dopamine in the brain which are the same chemicals that are released in the brain with cocaine and sex.

carls-jr-ad-w-kate-upton-20120311-004833So you can see how addictive these foods are which cause high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes etc…

Again, one of the reasons so many diet and fitness program fail is because it requires people going cold turkey. So in addition to giving the body what it needs with Shakeology which kills your junk food cravings.

So we take things in small incremental stages. You may not be able to make drastic changes in your eating habits and are probably not willing to make drastic changes but if you make small lifestyle changes like intermittent fasting over time these small changes will have a big impact on your health.

Stage #1) I gave up junk food for fruit – I saw a video on Youtube on raw food and become a fruitarian eating mostly bananas in which I lost 11 lbs. in my first 4 days.

This diet is not healthy because of the unbalanced diet not giving our bodies what it needs. The fruit sugar also overloads our lives. However, because I was not giving my body what it needs I lapsed into my same old bad habits.

Stage #2) Oats – On a fruitarian diet, I would feel this pit in my stomach even though I was not hungry, however, oats cured that feeling. I started off with brown sugar, then exchanged brown sugar with pudding I would mix in my oatmeal, exchanged pudding for honey, exchanged honey for cinnamon, and finally ate only oats.

broccoli-vs-beefI poured my oats into a cup and added water. I then started adding broccoli and other green leafy vegetables to my diet because broccoli has more protein than steak. I started off with first, broccoli and ranch dressing, then exchanged ranch for hummas and then finanally just broccoli.

In the video End of Dieting – How to prevent disease Dr. Joel Furham M.D suggests a plant-based diet and because IGF-1 he does not endorse meat and dairy. However, no matter whatever changes you are planning to make in your diet.

In order to kill your junk food cravings, you have to give you body what it needs by eating nutrition-rich foods or you can take a shortcut with Shakeology.

If you were a smoker and stop your body would start detoxing itself and experiencing withdraw symptoms. A smoker may feel ill, dizzy, ect…depending how bad their health is.

To stop overeating and kill your junk food cravings you may decide to detox with our 3-day or 21-day detox,

In the video below clinical study shows you have a 95% chance of losing 9lbs and 1 inch off your waist, lowering blood pressure drops 4 points, dropping your Cholesterol by 30 points, and men jump your Testosterone by 111 mg/ml.

We are the fattest, sickest nation in the world and with the number #1 killer being cancer, diabetes, heart disease we want to bribe you into taking better care of your health taking our health challenge contest  by giving away $500 daily to our winners and up to $100,000 to our grand prize winners.

We are giving away over $1 million dollars a year as an incentive to get more people to take better care of their health. However, when you get started with Beachbody’s 21-day detox you will be registered to win another $25,000.

Stage #8 -Be as healthy as the wealthy


In a September 2008 issue of Men Health magazine, they featured an article entitle “Be as Healthy as the Wealthy” in which they published 50 years of US Census data which revealed that the top 10% of income earners ($101,000+) will outlive the bottom 90% by an average of 12.

This article points out that wealthy people look better and live longer and healthier lives. But it has nothing to do with the money they make.

So far you have….

1) Intermittent fasting
2) Skip breakfast – Do not eat before 11AM
3) Walking
4) You are now getting the proper nutrition you need.
5) Reflexology
6) Build Muscle

lazy-man1But are wealthy people healthy or are healthy people wealthy? Let’s find out…ABC News showed that #1 cause of stress, especially among women, is financial stress

Stress creates a hormone called cortisol which scientist call as the death hormone because it is linked to so many diseases and health conditions like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, etc…cortisol creates belly fat.

Dr. Joe Dispenza who treates the brain to heal disease says there are chemical stresses, emotional stresses, and physical stresses. Financial stress is a physical stress.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says: “Stress steals energy from the heart. Long term stresses the brain in which the brain can’t communicate with the different parts of the brain like the prefrontal cortex which is the part of the brain that control logic and thinking ability.

If you have this type of stress do you think you’ve be able to make good desicions? perform at work? etc…?

Dr. Joel Furhman M.D says the comfort food we eat is linked to depression, anxiety, and hampers our thinking ability. It is also linked to procrastination and destroys our ability to perform at work impacting our ability to get a raise at work.

Dr. Amanda Sainbury Salis of Garvin University says sugary food and high calorie processed food impact our decision making and behavior impacting the same parts of the brain hardcore drug do.

Anytime we try to develop new habit such as when we switch from eating junk food to develop healthy eating habits, or starting a business when we come home from work do we make irrational decisions making excuses. Why we cheated or why we could not do what we intended?

So again, are wealthy people healthy or are healthy people wealthy? Processed foods and lack of exercise could be sabotaging your financial success creating cortisol causing your body to hold on to more belly fat which also creates high blood pressure, cancer, diabeates, etc…

I want to tell you about a cool little trick to get uncle Sam to pay your bills helping you to lower your financial stress. Most of us know there are millions of dollars in FREE Government money available to ordinary people just like you and me.
Take for instance according to the US American budget for 2015 it said that the average family will receive $22,997 in FREE government money.

How much of that did you receive?

In 2016 it said that the average family would receive $23,015 are you on track to getting this money? This is where financial education come into

Now who makes the laws? Congress and politician right! Do they make these laws to benefit you or themselves? Themselves!
And since they wrote the laws they know the laws.

Take for instance George W. Bush received $200 million dollars in FREE government money Dick Channey receive $3 billion dollars.
Now, this may really tick some of you off, however, if you know the laws you to can get your hands on this FREE government money.
I prepared an entire video series where you’ll discover how to get 20-45% cashback from your normal everyday expenses PLUS! If you have a job the government will add $300-$500 on average added onto your pay check through FREE Government money programs visit

You could be doing everything right! Eating the right foods, exercising, however, if you have financial stress, relationship stress, etc…all this work may be in vain.

So I will be sending you what we call as our InBox Magazine where you will discover how to get these other areas of your life under control so you life a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

So far you have….

1) Intermittent fasting
2) Skip breakfast – Do not eat before 11AM
3) Walking
4) You are now getting the proper nutrition you need.
5) Reflexology
6) Build Muscle
7) Reduce Financial Stress

Now as an incentive to bribe more of you into taking control of your health we are giving $500 daily and up to $100,000 for our GRAND PRIZE winners. Join our health a fitness challenge by giving you body what it needs so you won’t over eat.


Instagram Marketing Helped Make This Multi-Million Dollar Nutritional Supplement Company


What is the definition of “fitness model?”  It was a hotly discussed topic after FORBES published an article on the popular Paige Hathaway, including the Internet sensation as part of a rapidly expanding fitness model classification.  The article also raised general awareness for a brand that Paige promotes – SHREDZ – a direct marketing nutritional supplement company.  After some investigating it seems that the company Hathaway has partnered with may have an even more interesting story than the fitness model with over 700,000 Instagram followers.

Start with the fact that SHREDZ, founded by current CEO Arvin Lal, earned $90,000 in 2012 (the first  year of its operation), $5 million gross revenue in 2013 and already topped $2.7 million through the middle of March in 2014.  What makes those numbers more impressive is that Lal and his team have achieved such remarkable revenues without any outside invested capital, only 21 employees (most of them living in-house within the SHREDZ office, which is a converted apartment complex) and purely digital promotion.

Lal has captured the rapidly growing fitness space by going against the grain.  He also has a message to those who question whether his endorser, Paige Hathaway is really a fitness model: stop being upset.  ”Fitness used to be bodybuilding, but today fitness is impacting more people than ever,” said Lal to FORBES.  ”Right now the word ‘fitness’ has peeked on Google.  It’s about being healthy and in shape.  Who’s to say the person on stage has better fitness or body than a person with a million Instagram follows?  Paige is probably the largest female fitness model across the world.  Marketing and being able to touch people off the stage is more important than being able to touch people on the stage.”

SHREDZ is first and foremost a marketing company that has been able to achieve success in the fitness world through its devotion to social media.  It spent a year analyzing various forms of social media and in 2013 decided that Instagram would be the next important social media platform.  Understanding that fitness is very aesthetic and digitally stimulating, the key was being able to effectively communicate with people on a platform that drove likes and engagement and was trending.  Instagram has served as SHREDZ’s medium to captivate an audience and make money.  According to Lal, the trend for his company is about 15-20% growth month-over-month in gross revenue.

“Social media is the driving engine; in the back-end, we are actually a marketing company.  We just happen to enjoy fitness and see it as a market where you can make good revenue and help people,” said Lal.  After initially comparing his company to Herbalife, Lal retreated from that position and chose Google as an appropriate connection.  ”Even though we are not creating a platform, we are innovating it.”

SHREDZ started in Lal’s parents’ basement and is now working with the likes of Paige Hathaway, Ainsley Rodriguez, Jay Sean and is in talks with a major athlete to begin endorsing the brand.  Lal wants somebody else besides himself selling and representing his products, but is clear in pointing out that SHREDZ does not “sponsor” people.  ”We create a partnership where we not only just saying ‘you’re sponsored’; we facilitate photo shoots, video shoots, publicity, etc.,” explained Lal.  ”Paige [Hathaway] had 8,000 followers when she came on with us.  We came together and created a bigger picture.  I’m humbled by thousands of emails we get for sponsorship.  If a person makes the right impression, we just know.  You don’t need the highest follower count.  We can make them a fitness celebrity.”

Recommended by Forbes

While Arvin Lal admits that he runs more of a marketing company than a nutritional supplement company (even though his company operates in that space), he is quick to point out that without a quality product, all of his marketing would be for naught.  He claims that the difference between SHREDZ and other companies is that he does not have a board of directors telling him what he can and cannot do.  ”I’m willing to spend the extra dollars for the product,” said Lal, who has that freedom based on not seeking outside investors.

SHREDZ supplements is shredding through the competition with a focus on social media marketing and associating with talent able to capture and cultivate large followings.  It is happy to absorb the criticism that those individuals are not truly fitness models, because they do not all participate in bodybuilding competitions.  At the end of the day, it is the bottom-line that matters, and SHREDZ is looking at the $2.7 million it has brought in year-to-date without a worry in the world.

$22,000,000 Grant to Business to employee people with disabilities

gov-money-grant-hire-people-disabilitesEvery week the Government gives $48Billion to ordinary people like you and me through FREE government money programs.

$22,000,000 grant to businesses to employee people with disabilities
Contact Rehabilitative Services Administration Programs, Dept. of Education, Fred Isbister, Chief, Service Projects Branch, U.S. Dept. of Ed. Application Control Center, Attn:CFDA 84.234P; 400 Maryland Ave. SW, Washington, DC 20202; 202-205-9297

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Some of these programs takes time to apply and start receiving your money. PLUS, They may have already spent this year’s budget so in the mean time you can receive your first bailout check in as little as the next 3 weeks of $300-$500 per month added onto your paycheck from your job and get 20-45% cashback on your normal everyday expenses such as:

– Car (car loans, gas, repairs, etc…)
– Insurance (auto, commercial, health, life, home, etc..)
– 100% Health Care Costs ( gyms, herbs, nutrition supplements, etc…)
– Clothes
– Gadgets (computers, mobile devices, phones, etc…)
– Entertainment (concerts, dinners, movies, etc…)
– Mortgage / Rent
– Utilities
– Travel ( hotels, airfare, car rentals, etc…)
– And Much More…

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