How To Get A Job FAST With No Experience!

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How to get a job, when all hope is lost

Back in February of 2009 there were over 100,000 people who lost their job in that single day. That was a scary time for many people however, the job market has recovered since then but the chance of that happening again still looms.

Even though you have a job now, if you are like the majority of people you probably work too many hours for too little pay. Americans are considered as work-a-holics by many countries because of the amount of hours we work. For example NBC NEWS said of one European country that workers work an average of ____ earning $37 per hour.

Despite the economy recovering there are still many who are jobless and or without a way to properly provide for their family.

As part of the Alpha Lifestyle Academy’s workbook and action plans we have provided you with the step to get your boss to pay you $125 an hour however, before we get to that we are gonna address how to get a job, even when all hope is lost.

Getting a job is not so easy for some. If that is true for you this lesson is gonna be very helpful to you.

When you have a job you don’t get paid for the hours you work but rather for the value you provide. So let me show you how I was able to provide more value.

So your job even before you land a job is to show your future employer that you can provide more value than any other candidate they’ve looked at.

This is more than just being able to do the job because many times the job goes to not the person who can do a better job but the person who can sell themselves on the fact that they are the best candidate for the job.

So what you telling your prospective employer by the way you walk, your body language, and your voice tone.

It is recommended that you develop the ability to sell yourself.

This idea offends lots of people because they don’t want to lower themselves to have to sell themselves. We’ll you can rant and rave and complain how unfair this is or you can play by the rules of the game and win.

Let me share with you one of the things I did to create more value. First of all I asked myself what does my prospective employer want? A) They want more money. B) The want to save money.

So if you can solve any of these problems for a company they will reward you.

1) I asked companies if I got them more customers how much would they be willing to pay me.
2) I then went to another company who offered a product or service they were not in competition with the same question.

So I now have 2 companies who both have their own customers and who both want more customers.

3) I got each company to provide me we coupons or marketing material. So company A, give their customers coupons to company B and company B gives their customers to coupons to company A.
4) I’m in the middle and take and get a percentage of the profits from each company.

Inside the workbook and actions plans I provide everything you need including what to the scripts what to say, contract, and tracking program so you will know how to track how many customers you sent to each company, so you will know how much you are to be paid.

Inside the workbook you will see how a dry cleaner and carpet cleaner put a deal together which gave the carpet cleaner $1,000,000 in revenue and the dry cleaner an extra $20,000 all without spending money out of pocket for their advertising besides a few basic expenses.

For those of you with a job I want to invite you to watch our video series the money saving secrets of the ultra rich in which you are entitled to add $300-$500 per month added onto your pay check from you job.

You’ll also see an interview with Oprah who interviewed a Fireman who was making $48,000 a year however, because of this simple wealth secret he added another $300 per month added onto his pay check from his job WATCH THIS VIDEO SERIES NOW >>

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I want to invite you to check out our video series “The Money Saving Secrets Of The Ultra Rich” how to add $300-to-$500 added onto your paycheck from your job! Click here >>

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Why You’re Doctor Think’s You’re Stupid!

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Why Your Doctor Thinks You’re Stupid!
You may be familiar with the saying: “Do as I say, not as I do”.

There are many industries that people who ONLY accept the advice from those who practice what they preach. it is astounding because so many doctors have the knowledge of how to be healthy however, many of them do not practice what they preah.

And because many of the patients are in better shape than their doctors their doctors are reluctant to give them health advice.

A recent Hopkins study found that doctors own health and body weight influenced the care they gave their patients. (see more >> http://theamericanchiropractor.com/2012/09/04/unhealthy-doctors-are-poor-role-models-for-patients/)

In addition to that the American health guild lines are lower because many of the council members do not believe that the public will live up to these standards which is true however, their are those who are serious about their health and will live up to these high standards.

The American public when it comes to health care feel the prestige of being a doctor has more Creedence than leading by example.

As we talked about in our issue “Learning To Live” many people leave their lives in someone else hands. When it comes to their health they trust they doctors over their own thinking ability. In Robert Kiyosaki program “Choice To Be Rich” he talks about how to pick an insuarnce agent and investment brokers in which he states these agents / brokers are nothing more than sales people in which he explains the public looks at these finance advisors as some who can guild them in making good financial designs however, there is a conflict of interest in many cases because their may be a solution that is a better option for the client however, the agent / broker does not sell that solution and will thus sell you what benefits them.

Doctors do the same thing. A person gets sick because their body is lacking something however, a doctors will prescribe a drug or harsh medical presedure. Other health care professional might suggest some vitamin or supplement to cure their problems because that is what they sell.

As you see in the documentary “Death by Medicine” it shows one of the pharmaciticle companies had a network of 49,000 health professionals on their pay role that pushed their drugs onto their patients.

There is a governmental website where you’re free to search how much money pharmaceutical companies are giving to doctors in the US.

Simply by searching a practitioner’s name, it will break down which companies have paid them and the nature of the payments, such as whether it was a consulting fee, research fee, travel and lodging expenses, grants, food and beverage, etc.

You can also search for companies to see how much they have dished out to doctors. For example, you can see that Purdue Pharma – the manufacturer of OxyContin – have spent a total of $10,977,788 in payments. Nearly 60 percent of the payments were spent on “compensation for services other than consulting, including serving as faculty or as a speaker at a venue other than a continuing education program.”


Health care is FREE however, I recommend certain health solutions only as a short cut, only for those who don’t want to do the work.

1) Find doctors who leads by example – Because of technology you can find pictures of your doctors and see if they workout, eat healthy, and what kind of health advice do they recommend. After of which you can met with the doctor or talk to him/her over the phone for further interview questions.

2) Knowledge Is Power – Only by taking control of your life will you have the knowledge to not let anyone take advantage of you ever again whether that be you health or your financial health. People have different health methods they decide to live with.

So don’t accept the standards you doctor recommends use the research we have provided you to make an informed decision of the health standards you want to set for yourself.

Before you use the database, there are a few things you should understand

Primarily, just because your doctor has received money from a pharmaceutical company, it doesn’t mean they’re stooges from some evil pharmaceutical corporate giant. The majority of the money is likely to be completely innocent and simply a symptom of the way drugs are traded. To buy and sell drugs, just like any product, companies send sales representatives to potential buyers, in this case doctors.

Sales representatives might hold conferences or meet for lunch with doctors (which comes under food and beverage) to tell them about new drug developments. They also regularly pay doctors for consultations to help them develop their drugs using their frontline expertise or medical knowledge.
The fear for some people is that big pharma has “bought off” doctors into buying large amounts of a certain drug. This could hypothetically lead to the doctor being pressured to prescribe that certain drug, regardless of whether it is medically and scientifically the best option.

However, laws are in place to protect you from that. To stop bribes from occurring, it is illegal for companies to give “gifts of substantial value.” The gifts are often little more than cheap ballpoint pens and mouse mats. Additionally, a fairly common practice is for drug sales teams to have studied life sciences at a college degree level, so in theory they have a basic understanding of the science behind the drugs they are selling.

Finally, this is all in the interest of transparency and open information. It isn’t an invitation to get your pitchfork and go on a witch hunt. If you’re struck by anything you find, then we can only suggest that you do some further research for yourself and make an educated decision when you consult your doctor.

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I want to invite you to check out our video series “The Money Saving Secrets Of The Ultra Rich” how to add $300-to-$500 added onto your paycheck from your job! Click here >>

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The Good Life: Health, Wealth, Happiness, Success

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If you could fix any area of your life what would it be? Health, wealth, happiness, success? As we dicussed in our issue “Learning To Live,” we showed you that most people focus on one or two particular areas of their lives, and the rest of their lives end up in shambles.

In order to live a truly happy and fulfilled life, you must live a balanced lifestyle. What you will notice when you do find balance is, once you get one area of your life handled, the rest of your life tends to balance out as well.

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One primary area of focus for many people is their finances. If you listen to people like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardon, they will tell you that you need to have a solid understanding of where your finances are and where you want them to be. However, most people find figuring their finances out on their own to be overwhelming and confusing.. The stats show that only about 5% of people will reach the type of success that they talk about in these programs.

The first area of your life you should focus on if you want to be successful is your health. As discussed in our issue “How to Optimize Your Brain to Make More Money,” Dr. Daniel Armen from the Armen Clinic, who has conducted over 83,000 brain scans, found those with healthy brains are happier, healthier, wealthier, wiser, more creative, and more innovative.

Charles Eugster, a 93-year-old bodybuilder in his TED TALKS speech, explains to us that, at the current rate, 50% of the US population will be obese by 2030, in which the front part of the brain, called the pre-frontal cortex, shrinks.
Charles goes on: “The prospect of the most powerful nation in the world by 2030 have shrinking brains is frightening. What’s worse than being broke? Being fat, broke, and dumb.” (see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGgoCm1hofM)

Don’t take better care of your health to look good; that is only a side benefit. Take care of your health so your brain will be healthy enough to make more money.

The people who join programs like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardon fail not because their programs didn’t work, but rather because their brains are not healthy, and thus they procrastinate.

Upgrade to the Alpha Husband Academy click here >>

Nothing bring us as much joy and pain as our romantic relationships, which another important area of our lives.

Love is not as simple as “boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl.” There are a series of brain chemicals that attract us to certain types of people, who have a complimentry brain chemical, and thus causes us to fall in love. This is why scientists use the experience of “chemistry” to describe romantic relationships.

However, if either the husband or wife is unhealthy, they will not be able to properly produce these love chemicals. This will create a disfunctional marriage.

In addition, the #1 cause for divorce is money problems; the #2 reason for divorce is neglect, due to over working.

So don’t decide to go to a marriage counsouler who will help you to work on your communication, rather than your biology and or your money. Marriage counsolers have the lowest success rates out of all counselors because they address the symptoms, not the cause of the problems.

#1 Get your health RIGHT! #2 Get your money RIGHT! #3 Get your marriage RIGHT! #4 GET YOUR LIFE RIGHT!

This is the key to The Good Life: Health, Wealth, Happiess, Success…

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$240 To Pay For Your Travels To And From Work

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$240 To Pay For Your Travels To And From Work

DID YOU KNOW YOUR ENTITLED to receive $125 a month from your boss to help pay for your travel expenses to and from work and $240 for parking and neither one of you have to pay taxes on this money.

Download and open up your workbook to apply for this program including Phone numbers, address, website.


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How To Acquire A Heart Of A Champion! (The 50th Law)

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How To Acqu
ire A Heart Of A Champion! (The 50th Law)

Teach us how to count our days so that we may acquire a heart of wisdom. We don’t live long enough to learn how to be successful in life so we acquire knowledge from many different ways. Whether we use the knowledge we acquire or not this says a lot about us as a person. Whether we’re a wise person or not.

The Alpha Lifestyle Academy started out as self improvement site for men. So many men have lost their attractive qualities and have forgotten how to be men. Men have lost the courage to stand up and be the leader, The bread winners of their families and overall be the provider their women and families need.  this is why more women today than ever in our history are making more money than their husband.

In fact, many men are now becoming Mr. Mom.

No matter how Nobel it may seem for a husband to stay home and watch the kids there is nothing sexy about Mr. Mom. this is why we created and launched our program the,
“Alpha Husband Academy”.

One of the ultimate books for learning how to be a REAL MAN is the 50th Law by Robert Greene and Curtis Jackson also know as Fifty Cent the rapper.

If you recall the quote from Will Smith in our previous lessons in which he said: There have been millions and gazillions of people who have lived before us and there is no new problem you can have that someone has not written the solution down in a book.

Robert Greene writes about the lesson we can learn from successful people throughout history to live successful lives such as Issac Newton, Mata Hari, Makaveli in such works as “The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Laws of War, among others…however, the 50th Law is a real version of the lessons that Robert Greene writes about.

To be a true Alpha Male you MUST be FEARLESS! Curtis Jackson (AKA Fifty Cent) came from a world of gangs, drugs and the thug life…He did not expect to live past 25 however, he cleaned himself up and worked his way out of the thug life to the success that he enjoys today.

The fear of today is not real fear. We fear looking stupid, failing on a job interview, how people see us, what people think or am i not goof enough.

EVEN IF YOU LOSE EVERYTHING! There are systems to protect you in America…however, we dwell on our problems Isaiah 43:18, 19 says: Do not remember the former things and do not dwell on the past. LOOK! I am doing something new;”

Humans have the most advanced brains out of any living creature. Humans have 3 different parts of the brain the inner brain (or lizard brain) which jobs is to keep us alive, the middle brain, and the outer brain.

The outer brain is what causes us stress and we dwell on our problems. Animals don’t have this. They adapt and do what ever it takes to survive and make it. A Lion wakes up and says today I have to outrun the slowest gazelle to feed my family. The gazelle wakes up and says today I have to outrun the fastest lion to live another day. 

You just go about your life!

We need to use our minds to solve problems however, we humans let our emotions get the best of us until we shrink back and retreat.

Proverbs 17:22 says: “A joyful heart is good medicine But a crushed spirit saps ones strength.” When we are discouraged and depressed, we give up!
At minutes 11:10 Robert Greene relates a lesson from history FDR inauguration address in the midst of the GREAT DEPRESSION in 1933.

FDR found that people were more fearful than necessary! They shrink back, give up, and stop looking for ways to solve their problems.

In FDR Inauguration address he said: “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”

You won’t understand this until you listen to his entire speech. Fear creates it’s own self fulfilling prophecy again Proverbs 17:22 shows us a crushed spirit saps ones strength.

Fear is nameless, unreasoning, illogical terror we have no reason to be fearful because our life in most cases is not in REAL DANGER we need to develop what the Robert Greene’s “48 Laws of Power” the skill of managing our emotions.

While people were choosing to end their lives by jumping out of skyscrapers and eating out of trash cans. This is because they let there emotions get the best of them. 27 year old William Clement Stone sold 122 Life Insurance policies per day earning him over a Million Dollars a year during the GREAT DEPRESSION.

Listen to his audio book “The Selling System Than Never Fails”

At minutes 12:36 FDR reveals the formula for success in life in which Robert Greene explains “Your attitude has the power to shape your reality”.

IF YOU DONT BELIEVE YOU CAN….. YOU WONT!! despite what everyone may say about you IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN….. YOU WILL!

We were born with instinctual wisdom the same as plants and animals. We once had a working knowledge for nature and physics however, We became to smart for our own britches as the expression goes.

We need to know WHY something is before we believe it. In the following video Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist said: The universe is beautiful and one need not appeal to mystical forces to account for things. Just because YOU can’t explain it doesn’t mean it’s being driven by mystical magical forces.

We just know it is being driven by laws of physics (scientist know) and you have yet to learn

In another video he illustrates the importance of scientific intelligent having some basic knowledge of science and understand how the universe work you will avoid many of the problems you are now experiencing.


These invisible laws of the universe allows problems so that we may learn patients, humility, loyalty and depend on the invisible laws for survival.
To prove what is in your heart and by the way you respond shows to what degree you have a heart of wisdom and show what you need to work on.
It is now time to over come your fear and be the man or woman people need you to be. Listen to Robert Greene’s entire program at the following link >>
Or move onto the next section of the lesson we can learn from the 50th Law in our pursuit to live an Alpha Lifestyle “The Fearless Type”.

According to the US Travel Association, 79% of couples who travel together say their relationship improved after returning from vacation read more>>


Love is much more than boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl. Theirs a series of brain chemicals that we know of as “Chemistry” and scientists call “Love Hormones” the second of these love hormones which is the most powerful which is why we created “Love Potion #2” to help boost the most powerful of these love hormones “Oxytocin” Click Here >>

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Billion Dollar Blue Print: PART 1

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Chris Brown and Paul Gonzalez of http://alphalifestyleacademy.com

Christopher Brown & Paul Gonzalez of Alpha Lifestyle Academy

Hey, everyone, It’s Chris Brown again so far…

Now again, My last job I was a business consultant for a $400 Million Dollar Marketing Firm working with CEO’s and Executives from multi-Billion Dollar Companies. I got tired of making someone else rich so my business partner Paul Gonzalez and I decided to leave the corporate side of business and go off on our own.

You don’t need to be rich however, don’t be poor! So we help small companies like yours to use what I’ve learned working with Multi-Billion Dollar Companies with what we call the Billion Dollar Blueprint.

So today’s video I’m showing you an interview with someone who was making $6,000 a month and in just 54 days because of using the laws of physics and the mathematical formula to writing your own check jumped from $6,000 to $98,000.

Then, Chritian Nobel who was making $400 a week and jumped his income to $24,500 in 20 weeks.

He did not dramatically improve his skills. Like we said when you use the laws of physics it will reward irrelevant of talent or skill. You may not be a fan of the business model they used however, the business model is not important what is important is they used physics and the mathematical formula to writing their own check to make as much money in a week than many make all year.

I am looking for 100 volunteers to partner up with us, however, because of the 80/20 rule you know 20% of you will earn 80% of the money so 80% of you will earn less than $50,000 because of not using the mathematical formula to writing your own check.

Now, on the other hand, a handful of you will earn a 6 figure income and if you already run a business even more…

We are going to use a formula that one of my mentors taught me in which he built a $350,000 a month income by working an average of 2 hours per day.

This is a quote from him, he said: “We all have friends, family, hobbies and things we’d rather do than working, however, we have to have the money and the time freedom to do those things.”

Now I could get an investor and hire all 100 of you and pay you between $20-$50,000 a year, however, 6 of you would still give me a million dollar a year income.

I did not want to cheat those of you who are willing to work.

I provide you the websites, video, marketing tools, and training if you provide the motivation. There is no if’s, and’s, or butts about you being successful.

You just have to decide if you are willing to play the laws of physics.

Again the 80/20 rules says: you get 80% of your results from 20% of your efforts. Because of this McDonald’s sell franchises which even though it is a very small percentage of their customer base gets them 80% of their results.

1) McDonald’s sell fast food
2) Which generate an income for them
3) But also generate a whole bunch of customers
4) They then funnel those customers into a system where a few business minded individuals end up buying a McDonald’s franchise
Bob Iger the current CEO of Disney recently said that 80% of their revenue comes from 20% of their customer.

Let me ask you a question:
Do you know things that existing businesses owners don’t know?
If so you can leverage the 80/20 to your advantage and charge premium prices and you’ll get it no problem!

Like I said Bob Iger the current CEO of Disney recently said they make 80% of their revenue from 20% of their customers.

Disney runs a high-end business consulting firm called the Disney Institute.

Julie Broughton the 2011 Miss America winner used this 80/20 formula to finance her modeling career but how do real businesses use this? Like the businesses in your neighborhood?

This is Ben Glass a very successful lawyer, however, he teaches other lawyers how to run a successful law firm.

How much gold did the first million of the San Francisco gold rush find? ZERO! He sold picks, shovels and all the tools they needed.

Mark Yarnell who you heard about in the mathematical formula to writing your own check video applied the 80/20 principle to make a $350,000 a mo. income in his first 12 months.
20% of a businesses income comes from B2C and 80% comes from B2B which is why companies like McDonald’s offers franchises and Disney has their Disney Institute.

So again, do you know things that new or already existing businesses owners don’t know? If so this is how you can leverage the 80/20 rule and charge premium prices.

We leverage millions of dollar into a system to be able to do just that! Click on the link below for more details

Alpha Lifestyle Elite


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I Don’t Understand My Husband / Boy Friend!

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I don’t understand my husband / boy friend!

Wish you could read his mind?

We know Men and Women think different however, we don’t know this emotionally.
In our brains we know this however, the way we treat our husbands and wives does not reflect what we know.
Men think there wife or girlfriend is a man in a woman’s body and Women think there husband or boyfriend is a women in a mans body.
Men and women are so different from each other that Dr. Helen Fisher author of Why Him Why Her suggest that we should not even consider each other in the same species.

As you notice in the following Tony Robins video, Tony is talking to a woman who is upset because her husband does’t act like a woman. It’s humerus however, it’s the reality.


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#AskUncleMatt – Men Being Emotionally Abused By Women

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We just launched a new live internet show called  ASK UNCLE MATT. Matt Burch is best known for his work on the True TV show “Operation Repo” the “Ask Uncle Matt” show is a show related to any and all questions you might have for him as well as health and fitness, stress, dieting, relationships, government bail out money and how to get it, nutrition and much more. If you would like to ask Matt a question please send them to askunclematt@gmail.com

One question Matt talked about on this weeks show was about ABUSE IN ANY RELATIONSHIP. The guest says he’s been in 2 relationships in which he was abused by is girlfriend both times.

Where going to address:
1) Why & How Do You Get Into Abusive Relationships?
2) What is an Emotionally Abusive Relationship?
3) How To Spot It?
4) How to Re-Ignite the fire in your Relationship? (If you decide to work it out)
5) How to Cover?


We did some research and found.
Love is not as simple as boy meets girl boy falls in love with girl. There is a series of Brain Chemicals that cause us to fall in love with each other however, according to Dr. Helen Fisher author of “Why Him, Why Her” there are different Brain Chemicals that cause us to be attracted to a certain type of person.

These dominate Brain Chemicals cause us to have certain features in the face. When I looked back at all of my past girl friends including my wife they all have high cheek bones because of the dominate Brain Chemical that I’m attracted to.

I see women who I think are beautiful however, I’m not attracted to them enough to approach any of them because they don’t have a complimentary Brain Chemical.

If a person tends to get into bad relationships or abusive relationships over and over again it’s because they have a dominate Brain Chemical that is a compliment to yours however, when toy become aware of this you can be more cautious and avoid getting into another abusive relationship.

Men are typically more abusive physically as women are more emotionally abusive however, Men are taught to NEVER hit a woman and many women will use this to their advantage and will hit Men knowing they will not hit her back.

Will Perry who runs a Youtube channel to help victims that are being abused in there relationship. A study shows abuse in America is 50/50 both women and men however, the shame and embarrassment men feel when there abused stops them from reporting it to the authorities much more than we can imagine.

Abuse is about Jealousy, Controlling, Manipulation and Domination whether the abuser is male or female.

Jessica Weaver from JLove Talk, She Talks about her own experiences with emotional abuse.

Jessica says we make excuses for the abuser however, when they put you down, tell you that you can’t do anything right, your a loser, your worthless, I don’t love you, I hate you, you don’t deserve my love, and so on…

This is emotional abuse! The problem is everything they tell you brings down your self esteem and you start to believe them which in many cases the abuses gets even worse because your so depressed and  have such a low self image you stop trying as hard.

One of the guys we worked with, Rich Engstom lost his Job, then his wife became so abusive Mentally he didn’t feel he was good enough to get another job, He felt he was to old and worthless from all the Mental Abuse he was getting from his own wife and family.

One issue alpha lifestyle academy talks about in some of our other post’s is we logically know men and women think different however, we don’t know this emotionally.

In other word our brains know this however, the way we treat our husbands and wives does not reflect what we know.

Men think there wife or girlfriend is a man in a woman’s body and Women think there husband or boyfriend is a women in a mans body.

Men and women are so different from each other that Dr. Helen Fisher author of Why Him Why Her suggest that we should not even consider each other in the same species.

How To Stop It?
Every human relationship has some basic human needs. When these needs are no being met we feel frustrated, angry and the relationship starts to go down hill.

This is even more important in your romantic relationships.
1) Certainty – to feel comfortable, less worries & safe
2) Variety – Challenges and spices to push the emotional and physical range
3) Significance – Need to feel special, cherished, important, needed, wanted
4) Love/Connection – Connecting with another person, the feeling of being loved
5) Growth – drive to want to grow emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, mentally
6) Contribution – going beyond your own needs to give regardless of self and in an unconditional approach.

When men don’t fulfill these needs their women hold back love and affection from you thinking you will work harder to win back there love however, this is not how you see it.

When your married If there’s no affection such as hugging, kissing or holding hands thus creating a lack of “chemistry” between you two and leading to a loveless, sexless marriage and perhaps even divorce.

The reason women start withholding love from their husbands is because there not getting their needs met so they punish their husbands by not giving them any affection.
Women have a tendency to withhold love and affection from men when her needs are not being met.
Women need to know you can take care of them if not you lack to provide them with the basic human need “certainty” if your so wrapped up in your career, you fail to give them the basic human need “significance” you also need to provide them with something different so that they are entertained and not get bored.
Relationships end not because there’s no love but because woman are bored with the relationship and find it easier to end the relationship.

I saw a quote on Instagram “What’s sexier than a bad boy? A bad ass man who’s got his shit together?” We’ve all heard woman like the bad boy however, there’s no future in a bad boy for a number of reason. One reason is because they do not fill the other basic needs women have.
Out of this list what basic need are you not full filling? Which is why were created the “Alpha Lifestyle Academy” which includes our program the “Alpha Male Academy”and “Alpha Husband Academy” to be the man who women love, to love.

How to re-ignite the spark in your marriage?
4 out of 10 couples agree their marriage has improved after a vacation and ” 77% of couples who travel together feel they have a good sex life.”

  • More than eight in ten (83%) of those who travel as a couple say the romance is still alive in their relationship.
  • Fully seven in ten (72%) of the couples surveyed believe traveling inspires romance.
  • Nearly two in three couples (65%) say being romantic is an important reason to travel with their partner.
  • Three-quarters (77%) of respondents who travel as a couple say they have a good sex life, compared to 63% of couples who don’t travel together.
  • More than one in every four couples (28%) say their sex life improved after traveling together and of those 40% say sex together is permanently better after travel.
  • A strong majority (59%) of couples participating in the survey say being more intimate is a very important reason to vacation together.
  • Couples that didn’t take a trip together in the past year nearly one in four (23%) say they “don’t have enough time for intimacy and sex.”
    If you are looking to give your love life a much-needed jump start take a look at what we call our love potion #9 program.
    Plus! I also want to invite you to check out what we call as the “endless honeymoon” for as little as $99 down and $25 per month which will go towards your next vacation!!
    You also get the best price anytime you travel through us or receive 150% money back.

    Jessica Weaver from JLove Talk says you want someone who will love you for yourself despite your flaws and who will not disrespect you or says to you things like you don’t deserve my love.

In this Tony Robbins relationship seminar

If life is GREAT how’s your marriage? GREAT! If life is just OK and your just getting by now how’s the marriage? And if life really sucks, how is the marriage now? Your marriage SUCKS!

In our previous issue “Learning to Live” you see in the graph below 20% of the population only decide to do something about their problems once they are in enough pain, as you see in the graph 60% of the population are what you call as status quo they are not happy with their life but it is not bad enough for them to do anything about it.


Then you have the top 20% we call high performers. You probably have a pretty good life however research shows the average person experiences a major tragedy every 18 months so instead of waiting for a problem to arise high performers decide to do something about it beforehand.

If your mood or what Tony Robbins describes as your (state) is low and crummy, You might say and do things that are not a reflection of who THEY are but rather the mood they are in perhaps telling their mate “I hate you, I don’t love you, you’re worthless, and so on…

You need to become a bad ass man who’s got his shit together so you can fulfill her basic human needs and she has to learn how to handle her emotions and not be an emotionally abusive person by fulfilling your needs.

The problem is we have higher standards for our husband or wife than we do for ourselves.

Again, many couples focus on what they are not getting out of the marriage and tend to feel we’ll since I did XYZ for you, you owe me.

Marriage is not a transaction. I do XYZ then you owe me ABC. That is a business, not a marriage.

If you truly love someone, what will you do for them? ANYTHING!

All problems in a marriage break into patterns. Michel Weiner Davis author of the “Sexless Marriage” says wives learn how to treat their husbands from their mothers, and husbands learn how to treat their wives from their fathers.

We believe what happens in life makes us happy or depressed however, we can decide to be happy or not. People who have experienced some of the greatest pain a person can experience are fulfilled with joyful and on the other hand people who have been given every gift imaginable are depressed.

You decide to have a happy marriage by what you focus on.

Are you giving your best? To get love you have to give love.
When you ask people to raise their hands as high as they can, do they do it? No they can still reach higher. The same is true in the marriage they can still do better.
What I ask you are giving your best, this does not mean if my needs are not being met ill resent you or even worse i’ll leave but rather you work on the marriage as a team.

Emotional abuse can also lead to Physical Symptoms such as Depression, Exhaustion, Anxiety, and more.

Whether you decide to stay together, end it or move on you need to re-invent yourself.

You’ve been repeatedly told how worthless you are you now need to build up your self esteem through positive self talk.

Mohamdali was a great mentor of mine despite all the reasons he had to feel bad about himself he repeatedly told himself “Let me show you how great I am”.

The average millionaire spends 60 minutes each and everyday educating themselves on business and financial material.

So what ever goal you have in you should follow this principle. If you want to lose weight and builk as a way to re-invent yourself than you should spend 60 minutes each and everyday educating your self on diet and fitness material.

So no matter what area of your life you want to get handled you should spend 60 minutes each and everyday getting this part of your life handled.

“Love” is a skill which is why we created the “Alpha Lifestyle Academy” to be a short cut.

Alpha Lifestyle Elite


According to the US Travel Association, 79% of couples who travel together say their relationship improved after returning from vacation read more>>

love-potion-oxytocinRespark the romance and keep the love alaive with “Love Potion #2” click here >>

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How To Live On 24 Hours A Day

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How to live on 24 hours a day

Whether you’re a spiritual Person or not the Bible contains some really amazing advice such as Joshua 1:8 which says: “This book of the law should not depart from your mouth and you must read it in an undertone day and night, in order to observe carefully all that is written in it, for then your way will be successful and then you will act wisely.”

At this point, if you have gone through some of our other lessons you know that the average Millionaire spends 60 minutes each and everyday educating themselves on business and financial material.

Again what ever area of your life you want to get handled you should spend 60 minutes each and everyday educating yourself on that subject.

This is why we created the “Alpha Lifestyle Academy” to be a short cut for you. You can get started at the following link >> or by clicking “Download Workbook” directly underneath the video.

Another writing from the ancient world that contains loads of advice was written by,
“Seneca” “On the Shortness of Life” which he says people waste time, “going after no fixed goal.” You must have an end goal. Time is limited, you have to know how to use it properly.

See book review of “Seneca – In the Shortness of Life”

My Consulting Business when I speak with new business owners who have drama in their life, They use this drama to avoid WORKING Philippians 1: 9 instructs us to make sure of the more important things.

There is an ancient Chinese Proverb “Eat the Frog” which shows you to wake up and eat a frog the first thing in the morning the rest of your day looks pretty good.
When you do the things you don’t want to do early in the morning such as (working out) The rest of your day looks pretty good.

When you avoid the more important things and don’t live up to your potential you get depressed. See Grant Cardon video “Depression” >>

School did not teach us what we need to be successful in life. Neil Tyson Degrasse talks about the importance of scientific intelligence. See Neil Tyson DeGrasse >>

He says we need basic scientific intelligence to be successful in life. Take for instance in Science Class they may have taught me Physics but I don’t remember if they did however, What I do know is they didn’t teach me how Physics applies to my life.

In another issue we talk about Physics is the know of the Rich or the 1%. In Physics there is a thing called the 80/20 rule which shows us you get 80% of your results from 20% of your activity. See Tim Ferris author of the “4 hour Work Week” talk about the 80/20 rule >>

If you have Drama in your life 80% of your Friends and Family Members are the ones creating it. I suggest you limit your time or better yet throw away the NEGATIVE PEOPLE in your life.

TAKE A GOOD CLOSE LOOK AT YOUR LIFE and FIGURE out WHO OR WHAT is causing you 80% of your problems such as Stress, Drama, Back Stabbing and Anxiety.




Alpha Lifestyle Elite


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What You Should Know Before You Start Your Next Diet

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Each year millions of people decide to start their new years resolution, Coming in at number 1 is losing weight however 92% will fail.

Why is it that People put themselves in such a painful situation by not enjoying the foods they love.

Plus! All the research that is done shows 70% gain all the weight back and then some.

We’ll the reason is something that the fitness industry as a whole does not address.

Self Image: Majority of people have low self esteem however, psychologist have found that your body, your money, your life, your attitude etc…is a reflection of your self image.

If you can’t see yourself as a bikini model but rather see yourself as someone who is unhealthy and overweight you will not lose the weight.

In the video with Louis Hays in which she says: “With every word and every thought you create your future.”

We’ve heard the term: “Tell a lie, so many times that you start to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels said: A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

So you may believe you can not achieve the body you want however, if you tell yourself you can. Eventually you will believe you can.

This is known as affirmations or positive self talk.

Download Your Workbook & Actions Plans >>

Doctor Joe Dispenzia is at the forefront of this problem. Dr. Joe Dispenzia proves that with every thought you build thicker and thicker Nero connections.

If you were in perfect shape how would you act? Would you be more confident? of course. You need to be an actor playing the part or acting like you are in perfect shape. When you do this enough times your brain will no longer accept the shape of your body and thus you will take the steps to achieve this or any goal you have in life.

In our program “How to Optimize your Brain to make more money” which is included in your workbook and. actions plans. Sport Psychologist Martin Haggar in his “TED talks about the mental game of sports athletes who spend hours imagining making the shot and the ball going in he also mentions sales people imagine doing their presentation and if your goal is to lose weight to NOT see your self in the body you currently have but imagine your self in the gym with the body you want to achieve.

When you see yourself in your mind having the body of your dreams then you will be willing to make the sacrifices to achieve this kind of body.

The problems with so many diet and fitness programs is they require you to make too big of a change too quickly however, when you follow the simple step outlined in our workbook and action plans, which walk you through the entire process making small changes over time that give you drastic results.

Download your workbook and continue to the next step  >>

Alpha Lifestyle Elite


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