Why most people fail at losing weight and getting in shape?

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Why most people fail at losing weight and getting in shape?

Most of us all have some basic knowledge of what to do to get in shape and lose weight. We know we should eat right and workout, however, even if you do lose the weight 80% of people will gain all the weight right back.

Why put yourself through such pain of not eating the foods you enjoy, going hungry, wasting money joining a gym if you are gonna gain all the weight back in the first place?

You see the diet and fitness industry only focuses on 3 major area 1) diet 2) nutrition 3) exercise, however, there is a missing factor that the majority of the fitness industry choices to ignore.

What we as humans can do is amazing what we will do is something else.

You have a lifetime of eating fast food, chips, soda’s, etc…and then all of a sudden you decide to go on a diet. You have knowledge of how to lose weight but you have a lifetime of habit you now need to break and your brain cannot handle the pressure.

You also have little critters in your body that feed on the bad food you eat and so once you start to eat good, YOU ARE KILLING THE CRITTERS and so they release a chemical into your body that make you crave this type of food.


Most diets require you to go cold turkey. Your brain can’t handle it.

We need to take things is stages.

I have never been that fat however, I do have what is know as skinny fat. I look fine until I take my shirt off however, I lost 20 lbs in 2 months not by dieting but by changing the patterns is which I ate.

I never went hungry and I did not change the things I was eating. I still eat Taco Bell, Burger King, McDonalds and I still lost the weight.


Now I know that sounds crazy! It is in the face of all logic and everything we have been told. However, you can still lose a considerable amount of weight by changing the patterns in which you eat.

My Buddy Sam Chand tried this not to lose weight but his goal was to lower his blood pressure but not changing what he ate but rather changing the times he ate he lost weight.

Sam who hates the idea of not enjoying his favorite food said “This is the easiest diet I have ever tried”

You see, you go through 3 stages of digestion. Each stages lasts between 1-5 hours however, if you do not know what stage you are on you will work way harder than you to.

Most people workout during stage #1 which only burns the food you just ate and so you will not burn fat unless you know how to tell which stage you are on.

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We’re doing because I was 42 years old before I figured this out and with 3 out of 4 people being obese I decided I wanted to do something about it.

You may not realize it at this point, you not being in shapes impacts your marriage, your finances and almost every area of your life. So we decided to do something about it by giving you the “Alpha Fitness Academy” on a trial basis.

Imagine eating all the foods you enjoy and still losing weight? Imagine had you of know this all along just think how much better your life would be today.

What do you have to lose besides a healthy new body without going hungry, or giving up all the foods you enjoy?

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Again, 80% of people who lose the weight gain it all back and more because they feel they are missing out on something.

With the “Alpha Fitness Academy” you will go through a series of stages.
Stage #1 – This is where you eat what you, never go hungry, and still lose weight BECAUSE you understand which stage of digestion you are in making sure you stay in the FAT BURNING stage this is what allows you to eat what you want and never go hungry.

Once you start seeing the results you are getting you will be motivated to move on to
Stage #2 – There is no need for you to join a gym or do an intense workout. Walking is one of the most efficient ways to burn fat however, once you star seeing the results you have gotten you will be motivated to move on to Stage #3.

This is the stage where you start making healthier eating choices because you are motivated to because of the results you have gotten. The same is true because of your workout. Because of the results you have gotten you may decide to move on to a more intense workout.

Once you submit your application we will get started with our first module where we will share with the science and how I was able to lose 20 lbs going to McDonalds every day.

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Do you know how to be happy?

Do you know how to be happy? (Check Grammar)
In a document that our fore fathers wrote I said we had certain rights, it said YOU had the right to purse happyness not saying you will be happy.

There are many things that people chase because they believe it will make these happy. Now there are many things that are fun, but does not bring them happyness. There is a big difference in having fun and being happy however, if you are happy first, then you will have fun.

There has been lost of recearch into what make people happy.

1) We hold a image in our head – of what we need in order to be happy, and the bigger the difference between that image and our reality the more likley we will be unhappy.

If the image in our head does not match with our reality we will not be happy.

2) Pursue a worth while goal – so if the image in our head and our reality does not match up, many times it is not the goal it self that many time makes us happy but the pursut of a worth while goal.

3) Making progress – If we make progress we will be happy. The bible says dream unfullfilled, spirit.

4) More happyness in giving than there is in recieving – There are

5) Our happyness effects the happyness of others – People do not enjoy being around negative people, so if we are happy we will make those around you happy.

6) Act happy – There was a song back in the 1960’s based on _____:__:__ which points out there is an time for everything.

There are certain times when you need to vent your frustrations however, if you think about your problems to much, this can put you into a depression.

So if you act happy you will be happy. Years ago I had a reputation anytime someone asked me how I was I alwasys said “GREAT”. One day a co-worker asked me how I was and said my normal reply “GREAT” this lady told me I would not know you any different however, what she did not know my mom was in the hospiatal and she almost died that night.

So if you act happy, you will be happier.

How does a person in a depression walk? Do they stand stright and tall or are they sloutched? How is the voice tone.

You see you mood follows your body and no your body sets the mood for your body.

Abraham Lincon said: We are as happy as we decide to be however, everything is connected you are only as happy as your biggest problem. But even if you are experiencing challenges in your life it is not the problem itself, but rather “how tou view the problem” in which we cover in our “Inner Game” program.

Food, exersice, stress, and sleep also impact our moods which we cover in the “Health and Fitness” module.

7) Avoid negativity – we’ve heard the term misery loves company. Do not surround yourself with negative people. Do not watch the new but only fill your mind with positive thoughts.

This can be harder than it sounds.

You may also enjoy the video from PregerU on this.

1) What are you doing to make progress everyday?
2) Do you act happy?
3) What are something you can do to act happy?
4) What are something you can do to think about positive thoughts.
5) What new insights did you get out of this module?

Please share in the comments or in your workbook.

How to change your life in 68 seconds!

How to change your life in 68 seconds! Grammar

Your nervious system recieves approxmitly about 4-10 millions bits of information per soconds and it’s increasing every year because we live in a time that is called as the information age there is more information and knowledge today than there has ever been in history.

Take for instance I heard sometime ago that in 1995 the average person was exposed to 3,000 marketing messages per day and last I heard it is now up to 30,000 marketing message perday, in addition to the tons of additional messages you recieve that are not marketing related.

Driving down the highway how many of you remember the billboards you saw?

Our brains generalize this information. So we only notice information that is in harmony with our values.

How many of you have been in a noisy room and someone says your name and your ears perk up? You did not hear a thing but when someone in the room called someone who had the same name as you, you heard that?

If you raised in a middle class family like I was you may believe that everyone lives from paycheck to paycheck because that is the values you were raised with.

The problems and issues you face in your life is the results of the values and beliefs you have. And the sooner you accept this the sooner you can create any life you want.

I saw a Government report that 87% of people don’t live past 65 however, I believe I will to nearly 100 because just last week my grandpa died 6 days before his 100th birth day but the doctors said he was in perfect health for a man of his age.

He died because he stopped eat and drinking.

A few month before that my great aunt died at 99 years old who was the inventer of Cheetos and he mother died at 93.

So my entire frame of reference is of old age and longevity.

In fact my grandpa when he was 87 re-did his room almost all by him self said: “I got the 20 guaentee, so I won’t have to do it again till i’m 106” believing he would still be alive at 106.

The life you have and the life you want are 2 completly differnet things. And every year millions of people start their new years resolution in which 92% of them will fail.

You probably want to lose weight, get in shape, make more money, save money, etc…and you may have in fact tried to do those things however, you failed. WHY?

Star Wars can teach us a powerful lesson and why. Remember in the Empire Strike Back and Luke Skywalk ship sinks into the swamp and Yoda tells Luke he can use the force the lift the ship out of the swamp however, Luke believes it is to big and so he says “I’ll give it a try” Yoda then says “No, do or do not, there is no try.”

And when Yoda is forced to pull the ship out of the swamp Luke says “I don’t believe it” in which Yoda says “that is why you fail”

You may have a goal you wish to reach and you know what to do in order to reach your goal but for some reason we don’t full commite ourself to reaching our goal.

If your trying to lose weight we say “this slice of pizza, is not so bad”. It were trying to increase our income by starting a business from home and when we get home from working we say “Im tired, let me relax today”.

There is a book called “Change or Die” by Alan Deusschman in who he shows that 9 out 10 people don’t change even when facing life threating illnesses.

One man was told to quit smoking because it would interferre with the medications he was on or else he would die.

He came home and said this is my last cigert however, the next day he said this is my last cigert and in 6 month he was dead.

This is why we have income equlity, why 3rd of people are clinically obesse, etc…

Now even if you do start making changes in your lifestyle you will sabatoge yourself because anytime someone starts something new that person will stop doing that new thing within their first 22 days.

In our minds we have what we want and a self believe of what we deserve. And many times the results we want do not match up with the self believe of what we deserve and thus will sabatoge any progress we make.

Take for instance Youtube star known as boogie2988 tells people why he’s fat is because of the abuse he suffered as a child however, it is still his responsibilty to get this part of his life handled.

So what really controls our behavior is the image we hold in our minds of our lives which will result in what we do and if what we are doing in not in harmoney with image in our mind we will sabatoge ourselves.

Let me explain the how Dr. Maxwell Martz MD explains this. He says our self imagie controls our behavior like a just like a therpast.

You set the tempature to maintain a certain tempature, if the tempature drops the termstate will make the adjustments and this is what our self image does in our life.

If life get to good we will do things to mess it up to adjust our internal temature. If life goes below what we are conditioned to accept we will also make the adjustments again.

I know this is not logical however, human emotions are not rational. We do things for a whole bunch of illogical reasons.

Now the thing about people who are successful in life do things they seem crazy to everyone else.

Take for instance the top Hollywood actor Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for a ten million dollars and dated it before he could even make a living as an actor.

And yes, he did receive $10 million dollars on the exact date he put on his check for his role in the Ace Ventura.

Muhammad Ali said “I am the greatest”.

Nero science explains the The brain is like this. Your brain is like the grand cannyon and with each repeated thought these cannyon get deeper and deeper and if you want to change you life you need to create a new though patern which is gonna create new cannyons.

If a person is in a depression or is adicted to porn this is why it is so hard to break free, because of these repeated though paterns.

Nero science shows that if you hold a consistant thought for 17 seconds you, you will change your attitude. And for each 17 seconds you hold that will create deep cannyons of thought in your brain. And if you hold this though in your mind for 68 seconds you will change the imagines in your brain of the life you want, thus motivating you to do in order to reach your goals.

However, will live in a world the tells you what to think about through the media, tv, internet, negative people.

If you do not decide what you want to think about, someone else will decide for you so you need to start taking control of this area of your life.

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Do you ever fight about money?

(check grammar)
Do you ever fight about money? You know that pit in your stomach you feel when you and your wife argu about money causing you to feel less of a man because you can provide for your family.

Anyone who says money does not buy happyness has never felt the pain lack of money can cause.

Companies spend billions of dollars trying to seperate you from your money. I’m gonna tell you something you have know all your life. The financial system is riged against you.

Know you can rant and rave and complain all you want and it wont change anything. However, if you want to win at this game you have to play by the rules of the game, and these rules are right in front of your face.

Who make the law? Congress right! And do you think they make these laws to benefit you or them? Themselves and since they make the rules they know what the rules are.

Take for instance George W. Buch receved $200,000,000 in FREE Government money.

Now we have all heard through the years that the Government gives away 100’s of millions of dollars each year to ordinary people like you and me.

Take for instance according to whitehouse.gov of the US American budget for 2015 it said that the average American family would recieve $22,997 in FREE Government.

Now how much did you recieve? This is why knowing the rules of the game is so important which is why we are here.

You can even get yourself in a position to recieve $200,000,000 in FREE Government money just like George W. Buch.

First off though, I will show you a series of Governmental stimulus programs where if you have a job the government will add $300-$500 to your take home pay from your job and get 20-45% cashback from your normal everyday expenses.

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The Stoics and Epicureans

The Stoics and Epicureans
In the book “Birth of Nations” by Will Durant which talks about “a nation is born stoic, and die epicurean” in the bible at Act 17:18 it talks about the stoics and epicureans.

So many of the problems we face today would be answered if you knew and lived by the principles in the book “Birth of Nations”

George Washington and our founding fathers were stoics, stoic are people who forgo current pleasure for a better future, those people who will do things that must people will not do, so they can have what most people will not have for a better future.

George Washington and our founding fathers would be thoroughly disappointed with what we have done with the sacrifices they made for us. We have gotten soft! Which bring us to the epicureans who were people who lived for pleasures.

There are still stoic around us today, those who are alpha, however, modern epicureans live for 5 o’clock working a job that they don’t have to work too hard at come home and watch TV and live for the weekend.

Modern epicureans are people who you will see in future modules who do work that they are comfortable with thus depriving their family of their precious time and resources, buying things that they can’t afford going into debt.

They have a buy today, pay tomorrow attitude which not only involves their money but also what we call as the standard American lifestyle.

People eat fast food, soda, etc…knowing it is not good for them for the sake of having a good time even though they know in time this will cause obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, cancer, etc…

I get made fun of and told I’m odd because of my stoic lifestyle of eating healthy, working out doing things that most people will not do so I can live a problem free lifestyle not having to worry about the health problems most of you will have to deal with, however, that is why you are here not only to transition into an alpha but an alpha is a stoic.

On the other hand, epicureans are the modern betas and as you saw in our last model the qualities of an alpha have, so you don’t need to know the traits of being beta.

And as you show in our last module betas don’t see what is wrong with being beta, beta have lots of pride in who they are knowing that they are really “nice guys” however, betas are nice (internally) for some very selfish reasons.

I was not aware of this even myself, you probably are not aware of this, however, until you recognize the problems of being beta you will not change.

Again, many people have a misconception of what being alpha means, many people think alphas are jerks.

Modern alpha men are kind and respectful, however, these men are also very strong men, not allowing anyone to take advantage of them.

1) Unable to manage state –
1) Doormat –
2) People pleaser –
3) Needy –
4) Complainers – Murmur
5) Fearful of taking risk –

1) Being beta is learned – When you were a child you mother probably told you to be nice didn’t she. In addition to that, the media through movies and TV has conditioned us that the nice guy can get the girl but how many times have you see that in real life.

2) Insecure – The problem with being a beta is our insecurities and the reason I say our problem is because I am recovering beta male.

Women what confident men!

In the book, “Mastering the Game” by Neil Strauss which has a workbook which asks two questions A) How others see you? B) How would you like to be seen by others? We will address that as we continue.

3) Beta’s don’t want to see themselves as the problem – Beta’s feel I am so nice there is no way I could be the problem, it is your fault because this situation, or because you made me feel bad.

Now things are going to happen, however, as a recovering beta you need to develop the skill of being resourceful and find a way no matter what.

In my case I’m dyslexic which has given me many disadvantages and my wife has left me a couple times because of it, however, I need to be resourceful enough to overcome my challenges.

Now as you saw from the book “No more Mr. Nice Guy” that beta’s feel since they are so nice others will give us what we want, however, this is manipulative and that is the way others see us but we don’t see it in ourselves.

4) Excuses – Beta’s never seen themselves as the problem, so we always have a reason why we could not do something because of our low self-esteem we make excuses.

We do not like people making us feel bad.

Again, in my case I have a challenge getting hired because if you have poor reading and writing abilities companies don’t want to hire you.

So I needed to become resourceful and find a way to make money without relying on anybody.

Take for instance one of the business clients I worked with told me the reason he could not make phone calls is because he was out of range.

Now if this would happen on a rare occasion that would be one thing but this happened all the time.

So I told him he needed to get a new phone service, I told him to get a power amplifier that would boost his signal.

Then he told me he did not have money.

He did not lack resources he lacked resourcefulness.

Instead of excuses you need to develop thinking ability to find solutions to your problems.

5) Apologetic – Beta’s think they are being so nice by apologizing all the time, however, this annoys people and gets on their nerves.

And again, this is a manipulative tactic that beta’s use to get what they want. If I’m nice to them they will be nice to me.

6) Sensitive – Beta’s are easy to offend if someone says something or looks at someone in the wrong way.

Some betas are worse than others. I know a beta who always think someone has a problem with him and is always confront those individuals.

In fact, he approached one of my friends and asked him “Do you hate me?” WHAT THE…What kind of questions is that?

However, he feels he is such a kind and nice guy.

There are reasons why are you epicurean! We have different brain chemicals in our brain they make us who we are. Take for instance I have a lot of estrogen in my brain which by nature make be more epicurean (or beta) however if I am aware of this thing I conscience make the choice of acting alpha.

If you act alpha you will be alpha which is why in the workbook we have provided you a check off list of things you can do to act alpha.

Don’t leave this to chance. You must do something about it.

As men, we need testosterone and testosterone give us courage a trait of being alpha, however, a man high testosterone has only about half the amount of testosterone a healthy man 100 years ago had.

Men and women have estrogen however, there chemicals we are exposed to results in having high than normal levels of estrogen which is what causes so many men to wimp out and so as you see the “Alpha Husband Academy” is much more that just helping you in your relationship but improving every area of your life as you will see in our next module.