Billion Dollar Blueprint: OPM

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Back in 1925 Napoleon Hill released his 25 year study of the common habits and personality traits of the world most successful people, billionaire like: Henry Ford, John D. Rockafeller, and many others which was released as “Laws of Success” that later was released as the classic “Think & Grow Rich”.

One of the common traits among these high achievers is something the book calls OPM (Other People’s Money). High achievers use the wealth of others to eventually make their own wealth. The common person choices the path of hard work to make a living however, Nepean Hill taught use to think and strategies in order to our fortunes.

Every year millions of people attempt to start their own business and because they don’t know how to raise money they end up using their own saving, credit, and investments to fund their new venture or the use the money of friends and relatives.

However, most of these people are not ready to start their own business because of not having the knowledge of how to acquire customers. Sure, they know what they do but they do not understand the important parts of their business such as how to raise money to advertise and how to sell.

So many of these people business will fail leaving a trail of debt and bad credit that will not only haunt them but all those who helped them fund their business however, there is a secret that we call as the money saving secret of the ultra rich.

Because when rich people fund their business they do not put themselves at risk they use insurance to hedge themselves and protect themselves from financial loss. When the wealthy raise money they establish corporate credit so just incase the business does fail they owner(s) is responsible for the debt in which they can start up a new corporation.

So if the business does fail, they just start a new corporation and start establishing a new line business credit. This is why many wealthy people own multiple corporations. So if one company fails they have several more corporations to make up for any losses.

Throughout this program we will share with you over 1.5Billion dollars in research of what all the world most successful businesses have in common that will give you over a 300% greater chance you will succeed. (More on this later)

At first this may anger you however, now that you know this you can start using the same tactics that they wealth do even if you have a lot less money.  the average million spends 60 min. Educating themselves on business and financial material.

I want to congratulate you because you have taken the first in something majority of people will never consider. Where the average person spends 6 hours watching TV and another 2 hours on their smart phone in non conversational activity such as watching cat videos on Youtube.

Successful people invest their time trying to find solutions to their problems no matter their income where the common person spends their time trying to escape their problems.

Banks and lenders loan out money based upon risk the less risk you have the more like you will get funding and get more funding than you ever thought possible By following the steps outline in this program we will show you how to raise $50,00 to $100,000 in as little as 48 hours to 180 days that you are not personally responsible for.

The first thing you need to do is establish your businesses credibility from the point of view from lenders. It does not matter how creditable you or your customers think you are but rather how creditable lenders think you are.

In the financial world the less risk you have the more likely you are to get funding, the lower your payments will be from loan payments all the way to insurance cost.

Over the next couple of modules we are going to walk you through step by step how to establish business credibility however, imagine if I got you $50,000 in the next 48 hours what would you do with it?

I need to show you how you can take $50,000 and turning into $100,000.

Imagine if I could share with you how to use the wealth of others and turn it into $100,000. Imagine what that would mean to you and your family. Just think of all the people you could help.

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