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The Brains Behind Alpha Lifestyle Academy

Christopher Brown,  CEO

The last company I worked for was a $400 Million Marketing Firm where their clients would spend between, an average of $15,000 – $25,000 for a series of one on one coaching sessions with me and sometimes as much as $200,000. Some of my Clients include local Mom and Pop Shops, Home Based Businesses, Internet Marketers, Executives From Fortune 500 Companies as well as CEO’s of Billion Dollar Companies.

I say this for you to understand what we will do for you and your customers. Instead of selling you our marketing services we prefer to do the selling for you and you pay us when you get results by using the same methods that Billion Dollar Companies use.

Paul Gonzalez,  Pres

I’ve been in Sales and Marketing for 35 Years. Mentoring over 1000 Telemarketers and working side by side with Vin Diesel selling Tools and Industrial Supply’s over the phone together. I have traveled all over the Country Motivating, Stimulating and Educating Sales People on the art of opening and closing. I have worked with many different styles of Companies  from B to B, MLM, Home Base Business People, Face to Face Salesman, Telemarketers and many other types of organizations. When I lecture or Mentor I get results with everyone whether your green and just starting out or a Seasoned Professional who needs a new better way. I have raised 5 Children and have 7 Grandkids who are my world. I mentored and coached more than 500 little league baseball kids to become responsible young men and now I’ve decided to offer my services whether 1 on 1 or a team of 50+ Feel free to contact me anytime you would like. Even if just to ask a question

Marlon McKinney, -Business Credit Guru

Marlon has cached and trained people from all walks of life how to maximize their business skills and has written several books with business legends like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, and Bob Proctor and John Assaraf who were both in the movie the movie “The Secret”.

Alpha Lifestyle Academy is the Platform you need to build your local business by generating new customers for you. The web traffic our publishing company generates through Alpha Lifestyle Academy has helped 100% of the companies we work with.

We’re a Joint Venture Broker that uses money other businesses spend on there Marketing and Advertising to generate more customers for you than you could ever imagine.

1 Example,
One of our Clients who happens to be Dentist in Ohio, He decided to start A Joint Venture with our Company Alpha Lifestyle Academy. In just 90 days we were able to add 3200 new patients from Internet Traffic we drove his way and by using receipts that have our website on the back with several offers for his patients to take advantage of. In the first 6 moths we were able to raise his profits to over 1 Million Dollars and 6.4 Million Dollars the first year. He actually had to build a second location that today is doing VERY VERY WELL.

See video for more details >>

Alpha Lifestyle Academy is a Lifestyle Blog and Publishing Company providing solutions for You,Your Business and your Customers that are buying everything from other company’s such as Vacation Packages, Cruises, Using Construction Company’s for Remodeling, Dry Cleaners, Health and Fitness Products, Gardner’s, Flights around the World, Life Coaching, Sales Training and Hundreds of other everyday items that you do not offer.
This allows us to send traffic VIA Internet back and fourth from you and to you promoting not only your products and services all of our affiliates as well.

When one of your current customers leave your place of business and decide to go on a Family Vacation, You make nothing when they book it through other companies

Now when Your Customers book a Vacation, Cruise, Go to the Dentist, Buy Vitamins, Remodel their House, Buy Insurance and hundreds of other everyday items from ONE OF OUR AFFILIATES YOU GET PAID 50% OF THE PROFIT!!  for DOING NOTHING MORE THAN WHAT YOUR DOING NOW. 


Our Affiliates offer a hundreds of products and services from the top companies in the world. When you become an Affiliate of ours by starting this JOINT VENTURE together we promote you to the world!! This is how you start building your business Customer base and make money when they buy anything from any of our Affiliates.

Don’t wait any longer contact us today with any questions so you will fully understand and get started right away.

The profit you will be making for doing nothing more than what your doing now will allow you to invest in yourself just by having more time to live the life you dream of living and do things your not able to do now. 

When you see for yourself the VALUE of working together in a JOINT VENTURE and the profit it brings in for very little effort I want you to promise me one thing….
Spread the word and enjoy the ride.

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