Do Women Like A Man With A Nice Body?

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Jessica Weaver of JLove Talks on Youtube answers the question that guys already know the answer to. Men just like to hear the answer to the question, “Do women like a man with a nice body?” Well of course they do! However, women like a man with a nice body for a more than just their body. You can have a guy with a great looking body with no brains in his head or any manners to speak of.  You have to ask yourself,  would you want your daughter with a guy who has a body and no brain or manners? EXACTLY!

GUYS If you want to attract a 10 you have to work on becoming a 10 yourself. For those married guys if you want your wife to be attracted TO YOU than you have to work on yourself. For the man who’s wife has let herself go…It’s time for you to be the leader of the family and take charge of  YOUR HEALTH, I promise she will follow your lead. You can see her video answering this question below.

In the following video Annabel Pugh hit the streets asking girls what kind of body type women like in a man

There is something even more important to attracting a beautiful woman than a great body. It’s a side benefit of having a great body. If you recall from some of our other issues there are a series of brain chemicals that cause men and women to be attracted to each and other and cause us to fall in love. One of the dominate chemicals that woman find attractive in men is testosterone, however, because we are not living in the way nature has intended men have 3-4X less testosterone than your great grandfather or grandfather did. In fact, because of the chemical reaction from the many processed foods we eat many women have more testosterone than men do and we see evidence of this because more women are out earning men than anytime in history which is destroying the family dynamic. In the video below, it suggests:

1) Progressively gain strength in medium reps range. 2) Use routines with moderate amount of training. 3) Do MANLY compound exercises like: squats, dips, dead lifts, bench press to produce optimal testosterone. 4) Do small amounts of cardio 2-3 hours a week  or for best results walking 2 to 3 hours a week. According to the US Travel Association, 79% of couples who travel together say their relationship improved after returning from vacation read more>> love-potion-oxytocin Love is much more than boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl. Theirs a series of brain chemicals that we know of as “Chemistry” and scientists call “Love Hormones” the second of these love hormones which is the most powerful which is why we created “Love Potion #2” to help boost the most powerful of these love hormones “Oxytocin” Click Here >>

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