Do You Have Sex Appeal

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Do you have sex appeal?

I hear single women complaining that they can’t find a boyfriend. These women have such high standards that they themselves are not meeting men.

Guys have the same problems, They want a girlfriend  however, They are not living the way they need to so women are attracted to any of them.

If you’re married the problems gets even worse…

Many men and women let themselves go and do not treasure each other enough to work hard to be attractive to their mate.

rick-enstrom-beta-male-providerLets use Rick here as an example. Does he look like anyone would want to have sex with him? He has confessed to me that him and his wife have not had sex in years.

If his wife won’t have sex with him how would anyone else be attracted to him? I’m not suggesting infidelity of any sort.

His wife loves him I’m sure however she loves him as a buddy not as a lover which is a problem many couples have.

What is your sexual value? You are judged by different people based on the type of value you provide those people.


As you can see here this girl is cute however, in her before picture she did no have sexual value and as you see here you can see how she transformed herself.

Now her family did not like the changes she made because they thought she was fine just the way she was because the value she provided them.

If they are like me my parents did not like seeing me grow and how I changed the way I did my hair and the way I dressed because I needed to provide value to the type of women I was attracted to not to my parents, friends, etc…

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If you are married, your job is to become more attractive to your wife and your wife’s job is to become more attractive to you.

In a marriage, many women get comfortable in the relationship and stop taking care of themselves letting their health and their looks fade.

Many people think deteriorating looks are a natural part of getting older, however, because of the American lifestyle we age prematurely.

Yasmin Rossi who is in her 60’s still has sexual value.

yasmin-rossiiand as you see in the video below these women who are all in their late 40’s or 50’s all have sexual value.

If you remember in the bible in Geniuses Sarah at 90 years old was so beautiful that Abraham had to tell the pharaoh of Egypt she was his cousin so he would not be killed.

Jesus said in Mathew in his sermon on the mount “That anyone who keeps on looking at a woman has already committed adultery in his alpha-male-husband-academy-boxheart.”

However, as you see in the Alpha Husband modules that the wife creates a brain chemical called oxytocin which is what keeps men loyal to their wife and creates love in the relationship.

You might want to check out “Does your husband have a wondering eye” for more details on this.

Rick has a lot of potential! He looks like Neil Strauss before he made his transformation and looks at Neil today.

Women do not care about the looks you were born with however, they do care about how you take care of yourself which is why we are here.

Now that you know this as we continue through this system we can now take the steps to make these changes to improve our relationship with our wife for those of you who are married and for those who are not to develop the qualities high-status women are attracted to.

According to the US Travel Association, 79% of couples who travel together say their relationship improved after returning from vacation read more>>


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