How To Build Self Discipline (A.K.A: Mental Toughness, Emotional Intelligence)

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How To Build Self Discipline (A.K.A: Mental Toughness, Emotional Intelligence)

Every year millions of people start their New Years resolution however, as the following video from the “Steve Harvey Show” shows us that within just 7 day 25% of people have already given up and by the end of the year 92% of people fail to achieve their New Years resolution.

For one simple reason! They are mentally weak.

The navy seals have this thing called the 40% rules which says when you believe you are done and can do no more. You are ONLY 40% there.

Which means you got another 60% before you are TRULY DONE! When you develop mental toughness you can actually push yourself to achieve 60% more.

(Use this the following scientifically proven mental framework to push yourself beyond your limits at the following link >>)https://thehustle.co/40-percent-rule-navy-seal-secret-mental-toughness)

My last job I was hired as a business strategist for a $400million dollar company and I would consult with many times billion dollar companies however, at the time I didn’t achieve the success I help my clients achieve. I had the smarts and the know how but I did not have the mental toughness or what is many times call emotional intelligence.

Jordan Belfort, the REAL wolf of wall street did a speech on the 10 reasons why he believes people are broke which he says in the inability to handle your emotions is just one reason.

Tim Grover the sport phycologist for NBA greats like Micheal Jordan and Kobe Bryant says in his book “Relentless” emotions make you weak! He goes on to explain: the fastest way to tumble out of the zone is to allow your emotions to drive your actions.

Emotions cause you to think about something other than what your suppose to be thinking about.

In the book the 50th Law, Robert Greene and Curtis Jackson (A.K.A the rapper known as Fifty Cent) explain that the vast majority of people try to escape their problems through entertainment however, successful people in what every they do try to find solutions to their problems.

Can you pick up the phone and make a phone call? Sure you can! Can you do it 300 times a day? Can you do it to a complete stranger? Jordan Belfort knew what he was talking about when he said the inability to handle your emotions is one of the biggest reasons why people financially fail.

He worked in one of the most mentally difficult careers in the world, selling over the phone. However, Mark Yarnell a former writer for Success Magazine said: “The less people are willing to do a particular job the more those who are willing to do it get paid”.

I use sell tools over the phone at the same company Vin Diesel use to work at before he became a famous Hollywood actor, as well as Billy Bones the lead singer from the punk band “The Skulls” and Andrea Gonzalez who appeared on many Hollywood hit TV shows.

While at that company every Monday they would hire 10 new guys and every Friday they would fire another 9 because they were not mentally tough enough to handle the work. When it comes to the millions of people each join the different home based business out there, and most of them fail because they can not mentally tough enough to handle it.

So instead of learning some new social media trick you should spend that time developing mental toughness.

So how do you do that!

1) Auto Suggestion – In the following video with Louis Hays she says: “With every thought and every word we project our future”. Did you ever see Muhammad Ali in his “I am the greatest” speech? Dr. Maxwell Maltz in his book “Psycho Cybernetics” shows our life is the result of how we see for ourselves. People who struggle year after year with their weight struggle because they see themselves with a weight problem. 

In the case of Muhammad Ali he repeated to himself that he was the greatest and once he started to see himself as a champion he began to act in harmony with his belief.

2) Mediation / Visualization – Another way to put this is to become an actor in other words act like you are the person you want to become. Visualize yourself as this person.

I use to tell myself I am not a sales person I am an actor playing the part of a sales person. I also saw myself in my minds eye living where I wanted to live, driving the car I wanted to drive, and acting like the person I wanted to become.

3) Master Breathing – As we age we lose our ability to breath properly. See the following video with Commander Mark Divine demonstrate box breathing.

4) Accountability Partner – Research shows you are the average of the 5 people you spend them most time with. It is difficult to improve some area of your life when everyone around you is encouraging you to quit or that you need to go easy on yourself.

The MLM indiustry had the right idea when they told people to find 3 friends they could work with. This way they can all support and encourage one another.

We are named “Alpha Lifestyle Academy” for a reason! We are here to help you go from average, or even below average and transform you to be ranked in the top 10% of the world in what you do.

Navy Seal training is the toughest military training in the world (BUDS). (People die in BUDS training.) Not just anyone can try out for BUDS however, even though they pull from the best only 20% complete BUDS.

As you see in the following BUDS training documentary 4 people quit within the first day, another 10 quit on day two.

Mark Divin former Navy Seals Commander started SealFit as a prep to BUDS training. 80% of people FAIL to complete BUDS training however, those who first complete SealFit 96% complete BUDS because SealFit gives you the tools you need to master your mind because the mind will quit long before the body does.

SealFit opened up their program to civilian who want to master their mind. The only thing that stops you and me from making $20,000 in the next 30 days in the mental blocks in your mind.

In the following video see how by master your mind one guy jumped from making $6,000 a month to $98,000 in 54 days.

SealFit offers a 50 hour program for those who are committed enough. That 50 hours with no sleep! Click on the following link for more details >> https://sealfit.com/kokoro/

When you look at ultra marathon runners a thing they all have in common is they all are mentally tough! Running helped them develop mental toughness. For example David Gogins who was a fat defeated young man with dyslexia however, he started running then started running ultra marathons and then he to became a Navy Seal.

Today he is a retired Navy Seal however, he runs over 400 miles per month.

Owner of the Seattle Seahawk and co-founder of Maruis jets runs ultra marathons

Joe Rogan on his podcast interviews ton a very successful individuals who are all ultra marathon runners
– Cameron Hanes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QrI7m3i3Ns
– Courtney Dauwalter, winner of the Moab 240 endurance race https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAmSzkop7kE
– Whitney Cummings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8u7ueVfuLo

When you fail to get up and go to the gym, when you give in to your desire and eat that pizza, when you do write the blog posts you’re suppose to write, or film what Youtube video to promote your business it is because you are mentally weak.

However to start on your journey of developing mental toughness which will give you the mental strength to over come any obstacle start by using Kaizen. Kaizen is small incremental improvements that over time give you drastic results.

Be sure you download your workbook, if you haven’t done so already and complete your action steps >>

Alpha Lifestyle Elite


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