How To Make $300 A Day On Instagram & Youtube Checked LJ

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How to make $300 a day on Instagram & Youtube!

If you saw our post “Top 10 Highest Paid Fitness Guru’s on Instagram” you saw the insane amount of money some of these people make for documenting their fitness j ourney. I have outlined the blueprint that not only I have discovered as we’ll as the advice other top income earners from Instagram and Youtube have suggested. The first obstacle many people see in making money on Youtube and especially on Instagram is, “I could make big money on Instagram too if I looked that?” However, you have to have more than just looks…Finding boob pictures and beautiful women on Instagram is a dime a dozen. After you have seen 200 beautiful women on Instagram they all start to look the same. These girl look good but  you have to have something different than just “LOOKS”. For example “Shome” is attractive, and she seems to be inspired by the clean design that Apple uses for their iPads,iPhones and Mac’s. Apple uses the PURE white for their products by the demand of Steve Jobs who understood how to design the company and spent more money to the get the PURE white of their products. Even if you don’t have a talent for design like Steve Jobs,  you can still be successful enough to make a living from Instagram because all they really need from you is to know, like and trust you. The problems with many of these Instagram models is even though they look good and have a lot of followers they don’t know how to make money on Instagram. Even the ones who making money, they are selling themselves short of what they could be making. They may look good and have a bunch of followers but many of them don’t know anything about the business side of Instagram. Take for instance I saw a quote on someone’s profile page that said: “Being Famous on Instagram is Like Having Monopoly Money” because they don’t know anything about marketing and business they’re missing out on millions. Follow the steps below and discover how to build an audience and how to make money. INSTAGRAM Building Your Audience 1) Hash Tags # 2) LIkes & Follows 3) JV / Collaboration 4) Building a Referral Network 5) Spend Money on MARKETING   Making Money 1) Sponsorship 2) Check Link in Bio 4) Sales Funnel YOUTUBE 1) Massive Uploads 2) Steel Content 3) Create Content 4) JV /Collaboration 5) Build a Referral Network 6) Spend Money on MARKETING Making Money 1) Youtube Partnership Program 2) Affiliate Programs, Sponsorships, etc… 3) Sales Funnel

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