JV Partnership Module #6

Swipe File
In 1943 Merill Lynch ran a very successful ad in which around 40 years later Steve Job of Apple computers re-purposed that ad to sell computers which is a common practice in the marketing field called “swipe files” we have provided you a catalog of swipe files that have been used by companies like yours to generates millions of dollars.

Strategic Partnership
Unlike Joint Ventures deals strategic partnerships are between you and several other business. See swipe files below.

First $100,000

with what we call as the “Triangle Formula” Business Plan. The mass marketable products are what make this work order now by visiting

▢ Intro. to the Triangle Formula | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/triangle1/
▢ Getting Referrals | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/triangle2/
▢ Calling on Referrals | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/blog/triangle3/
▢ Calling on Neighbors | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/triangle4/

First $1,000,000
Len & Annette two local business owners used this to create a $1,000,000 a year business completely from referrals.

Local Offline Buyers Network: to grow your customer base.
▢ Intro. Buyer Network Formula | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe1/
▢ Outline <part 1> | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe2/

Pick One: of the methods below to find potential JV partners

▢ Finding JV Partners | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe3/
▢ Buy Ads | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe4/
▢ Network with those you know | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/blog/jvswipe5/
▢ Approach JV | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe6/
▢ Phone | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe7/
▢ Direct Mail | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe8/

Marketing Campaign: this campaign generated $1,000,000
Len & Annette for two local business owners.
▢ Coupon JV Case Study | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe9/
▢ Coupon | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe10/
▢ Let us edit your letter for you | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe11/
▢ Let us create your video | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe12/
▢ JV Sales Letter | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe13/
▢ Campaign Sales Letter | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe14/
▢ Outline <part 2> | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jvswipe15/

Making the Deal: and launch your campaign

▢ Contract | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jv16/
▢ LAUNCH CAMPAIGN | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/jv17/

Zero -To- $20,000+ | COMING SOON!
Use this sequential marketing system that help one self employed business owner to go from zero to $20,000+ mo.

▢ Intro.sequential marketing | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/swipefile/
▢ Sequential Letter 1 | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/swipefile1/
▢ Sequential Letter 2 | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/swipe-file-2/
▢ Sequential Letter 3 | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/swipefile3/
▢ Sequential Letter 4 | http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/swipefile4/

Business Network – Create a strategic partnership from our network or find businesses on your own. Len & Annette created a million dollar partnership with 4 other companies.