The 3 Jobs Of A Man: Provider, Protector, And Teacher

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Women are attracted to men based upon a number of factors and the more of these factors you develop the higher quality of women you will attract and the higher quality of woman your wife will become.

Every human relationship has some basic human needs. When these needs are no being met we feel frustrated, angry and the relationship starts to go down hill.

This is even more important in your romantic relationships.

The 6 basic human needs are as follows:

1) Certainty – To rid your life of fear.

2) Variety – To break out of the daily routine.

3) Significance – The need to feel important and valued.

4) Love/Connection – To feel the bond with other human beings.

5) Growth – The pursuit of continuous self improvement.

6) Contribution – To focus on the needs or others.

When men don’t fulfill these needs their women hold back love and affection from you thinking you will work harder to win back there love however, this is not how he see it.

When your married If there’s no affection such as hugging, kissing or holding hands thus creating a lack of “chemistry” between you two and leading to a loveless, sexless marriage and perhaps even divorce.

The reason women start withholding love from their husbands is because there not getting their needs met so they punish their husbands by not giving them any affection.

Women have a tendency to withhold love and affection from men when her needs are not being met.

Women need to know you know you will be loyal to them. They are need to know you can take care of them if not, you lack to provide them with the basic human need “certainty” if your so wrapped up in your career, you fail to give them the basic human need “significance” you also need to provide them with something different so that they are entertained and not get bored.

Some Relationships end not because there’s no love but because woman are bored with the relationship and find it easier to end the relationship.

As a man you have 3 main jobs 1) Provider 2) Protector and 3) Teacher which all require the skill of leadership.

Provider – biologically men and women look at each other for health. This is even more important to men because men want a woman who have good breading traits. A woman who can mother healthy children however, woman want a man who can provide for them and her children.

Protector – Women need a man who can make her feel safe. She need to be confident her man will stand up for her and protect her.

Teacher – Another way a man protects his woman is by being her teacher.

As we have stated in some of our other issues that the average millionaire spend 60 min. Each and everyday educating themselves on business and financial material.

The same is true about any other area of your life. A man should provide for him family by being her teacher and becoming financial educated as well getting any other area of your families life handled which is why were created the Alpha Husband Academy which at the time is included our workbook and action plans that we can the Alpha Lifestyle Academy Download it here >>

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