Traits gorgeous sexy women love in a man!

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Traits georgious sexy women love!
You want more than a girl friend! You want a girl friend that you are attracted to. Women are attracted to men based upon a number of factors and the more of these factors you possess the higher quality of women you will attract.

Jessica Weaven model, business woman and relationship advice expert through her Youtube Channel JLove Talks about the qualities that high quality women are attracted to.

You might not be able to attact a women like this now however, if you put this into practice and follow the steps outlined in the Alpha Male Academy over the next several months you will be able to attract a woman like this.

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1) Respect Women – No sexist comments – No sexist comments
2) Be exciting – Be spontanious! Don’t let her get board by either being funny or entertaining. Women love men who are well traveled! If you have a fun and exciting life you will attract women more than money and looks could ever do check out our Jet Setter program which comes with the best price guarantee any time you travel or 150% money back >>

3) Smiling – Jessica suggest smiling however, studies show women find men who don’t smile as sexy. My wife perfers me not to smile.
4) Have your shit together – To us guys this can seem overwhelming because you don’t know where to start and it many seem that you have some many issue to get handled to be the man these kind of women love however, if you 1) Get your health RIGHT 2) Which will lead to getting your money RIGHT! 3) And you’ll get relationship RIGHT! 4) Which will lead to getting your life RIGHT! Check out our issue the “How To Optimize Your Brain To Make More Money” as we’ll as join the Alpha Male Academy.
5) Goals – You got to have a plan in life where are you going, where are you gonna be in 5 years.
6) Motivated – Girls love motivated guys because a motivated guy is gonna motivate his queen as Jessica puts it and a kign and queeen motivate each other.
7) Stand up for Family, friends, etc… – Loyalty is rare quality to find in a person and if you’re a guy who has your freinds and families back Jessica says subsconsiously women see you as a good family man.

Moving forward you now understand they type of man you need to become in the Alpha Male Academy. Many guys say I want women to like me for who I am.

You can rant, rave and complain how you do not think this is fare or you can play by the rules of the game. In the 1513 A.D writing by Machiavelli “The Prince” in which he states “See things as they are and not as you wish they were”. This also includes people.

In addition to Jessica Weaver ,Gabriella Ryan from Karma TV in the following video interviewed sever women and asked them what they found attractive in men.

  1. Intelligent – Being smart is most sexy to women than looks! I receive complements all the time about how smart I am however, my secret is that I am a great student.


Take a good look at yourself and do you have the personality traits that 10’s find attractive? If not you MUST develop yourself into the type of man gorgeous women are attracted to.

Women are attracted to men based upon a number of factor and the more of these factors you develop the higher quality of women you will attract and the higher quality of woman your wife will become.

Women spend billions of dollars on hair, clothes, and make up in order to attract high quality man. Women package themselves in order to attract high quality men.

So in order to attract this type of women your need to develop yourself into the type of man these type of women are attracted to.

In the following video Dr. Joe Dispezia show you how to change your personality.

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