Why You’re Doctor Think’s You’re Stupid!

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Why Your Doctor Thinks You’re Stupid!
You may be familiar with the saying: “Do as I say, not as I do”.

There are many industries that people who ONLY accept the advice from those who practice what they preach. it is astounding because so many doctors have the knowledge of how to be healthy however, many of them do not practice what they preah.

And because many of the patients are in better shape than their doctors their doctors are reluctant to give them health advice.

A recent Hopkins study found that doctors own health and body weight influenced the care they gave their patients. (see more >> http://theamericanchiropractor.com/2012/09/04/unhealthy-doctors-are-poor-role-models-for-patients/)

In addition to that the American health guild lines are lower because many of the council members do not believe that the public will live up to these standards which is true however, their are those who are serious about their health and will live up to these high standards.

The American public when it comes to health care feel the prestige of being a doctor has more Creedence than leading by example.

As we talked about in our issue “Learning To Live” many people leave their lives in someone else hands. When it comes to their health they trust they doctors over their own thinking ability. In Robert Kiyosaki program “Choice To Be Rich” he talks about how to pick an insuarnce agent and investment brokers in which he states these agents / brokers are nothing more than sales people in which he explains the public looks at these finance advisors as some who can guild them in making good financial designs however, there is a conflict of interest in many cases because their may be a solution that is a better option for the client however, the agent / broker does not sell that solution and will thus sell you what benefits them.

Doctors do the same thing. A person gets sick because their body is lacking something however, a doctors will prescribe a drug or harsh medical presedure. Other health care professional might suggest some vitamin or supplement to cure their problems because that is what they sell.

As you see in the documentary “Death by Medicine” it shows one of the pharmaciticle companies had a network of 49,000 health professionals on their pay role that pushed their drugs onto their patients.

There is a governmental website where you’re free to search how much money pharmaceutical companies are giving to doctors in the US.

Simply by searching a practitioner’s name, it will break down which companies have paid them and the nature of the payments, such as whether it was a consulting fee, research fee, travel and lodging expenses, grants, food and beverage, etc.

You can also search for companies to see how much they have dished out to doctors. For example, you can see that Purdue Pharma – the manufacturer of OxyContin – have spent a total of $10,977,788 in payments. Nearly 60 percent of the payments were spent on “compensation for services other than consulting, including serving as faculty or as a speaker at a venue other than a continuing education program.”


Health care is FREE however, I recommend certain health solutions only as a short cut, only for those who don’t want to do the work.

1) Find doctors who leads by example – Because of technology you can find pictures of your doctors and see if they workout, eat healthy, and what kind of health advice do they recommend. After of which you can met with the doctor or talk to him/her over the phone for further interview questions.

2) Knowledge Is Power – Only by taking control of your life will you have the knowledge to not let anyone take advantage of you ever again whether that be you health or your financial health. People have different health methods they decide to live with.

So don’t accept the standards you doctor recommends use the research we have provided you to make an informed decision of the health standards you want to set for yourself.

Before you use the database, there are a few things you should understand

Primarily, just because your doctor has received money from a pharmaceutical company, it doesn’t mean they’re stooges from some evil pharmaceutical corporate giant. The majority of the money is likely to be completely innocent and simply a symptom of the way drugs are traded. To buy and sell drugs, just like any product, companies send sales representatives to potential buyers, in this case doctors.

Sales representatives might hold conferences or meet for lunch with doctors (which comes under food and beverage) to tell them about new drug developments. They also regularly pay doctors for consultations to help them develop their drugs using their frontline expertise or medical knowledge.
The fear for some people is that big pharma has “bought off” doctors into buying large amounts of a certain drug. This could hypothetically lead to the doctor being pressured to prescribe that certain drug, regardless of whether it is medically and scientifically the best option.

However, laws are in place to protect you from that. To stop bribes from occurring, it is illegal for companies to give “gifts of substantial value.” The gifts are often little more than cheap ballpoint pens and mouse mats. Additionally, a fairly common practice is for drug sales teams to have studied life sciences at a college degree level, so in theory they have a basic understanding of the science behind the drugs they are selling.

Finally, this is all in the interest of transparency and open information. It isn’t an invitation to get your pitchfork and go on a witch hunt. If you’re struck by anything you find, then we can only suggest that you do some further research for yourself and make an educated decision when you consult your doctor.

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