The Good Life: Health, Wealth, Happiness, Success

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If you could fix any area of your life what would it be? Health, wealth, happiness, success? As we dicussed in our issue “Learning To Live,” we showed you that most people focus on one or two particular areas of their lives, and the rest of their lives end up in shambles.

In order to live a truly happy and fulfilled life, you must live a balanced lifestyle. What you will notice when you do find balance is, once you get one area of your life handled, the rest of your life tends to balance out as well.

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One primary area of focus for many people is their finances. If you listen to people like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardon, they will tell you that you need to have a solid understanding of where your finances are and where you want them to be. However, most people find figuring their finances out on their own to be overwhelming and confusing.. The stats show that only about 5% of people will reach the type of success that they talk about in these programs.

The first area of your life you should focus on if you want to be successful is your health. As discussed in our issue “How to Optimize Your Brain to Make More Money,” Dr. Daniel Armen from the Armen Clinic, who has conducted over 83,000 brain scans, found those with healthy brains are happier, healthier, wealthier, wiser, more creative, and more innovative.

Charles Eugster, a 93-year-old bodybuilder in his TED TALKS speech, explains to us that, at the current rate, 50% of the US population will be obese by 2030, in which the front part of the brain, called the pre-frontal cortex, shrinks.
Charles goes on: “The prospect of the most powerful nation in the world by 2030 have shrinking brains is frightening. What’s worse than being broke? Being fat, broke, and dumb.” (see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGgoCm1hofM)

Don’t take better care of your health to look good; that is only a side benefit. Take care of your health so your brain will be healthy enough to make more money.

The people who join programs like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardon fail not because their programs didn’t work, but rather because their brains are not healthy, and thus they procrastinate.

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Nothing bring us as much joy and pain as our romantic relationships, which another important area of our lives.

Love is not as simple as “boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl.” There are a series of brain chemicals that attract us to certain types of people, who have a complimentry brain chemical, and thus causes us to fall in love. This is why scientists use the experience of “chemistry” to describe romantic relationships.

However, if either the husband or wife is unhealthy, they will not be able to properly produce these love chemicals. This will create a disfunctional marriage.

In addition, the #1 cause for divorce is money problems; the #2 reason for divorce is neglect, due to over working.

So don’t decide to go to a marriage counsouler who will help you to work on your communication, rather than your biology and or your money. Marriage counsolers have the lowest success rates out of all counselors because they address the symptoms, not the cause of the problems.

#1 Get your health RIGHT! #2 Get your money RIGHT! #3 Get your marriage RIGHT! #4 GET YOUR LIFE RIGHT!

This is the key to The Good Life: Health, Wealth, Happiess, Success…

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